Things I Love Thursday

Louise L. Hay — I watched the movie of You Can Heal Your Life a few days ago & was blown away. I’ve heard a lot about the book, & had a friend in Auckland who was obsessed with it, but I’ve never even flicked through it. Well, the film version is tremendous, & is really less about healing your life than it is about moving forward & creating the kind of life you’ve always wanted. I recommend getting your hands on it however you can!

Mystic Medusa — I love her. I discovered her thanks to a nonpareil recommendation this week, read one blog entry & immediately signed up for her daily horoscopes. I’m really loving them, too — she talks about how the planets are moving & how that impacts us. The one I got this morning was incredible! Her blog is great as well, check it out, especially if you’re interested in astrology like I am. I feel like I am learning plenty just by reading it! (& I really want to get a reading, aaaaargh! If I do I will let you all know how it goes!)

Girl Talk — Just like his show in New York City, his show in Wellington on Saturday was brilliant. It was also a roaring, rollicking, orgasmic, deliciously nutritious, no-holds-barred, good old-fashioned sweatfest. I have never been so sweaty in my entire life. I know this does not sound sexy, but it is the truth. The whole room was going NUTS. It was like someone had gone wild with a hose. This was not an “Oh gee how embarrassing, I have sweat patches on my t-shirt” thing. This was a “My entire t-shirt is soaked & stuck to me” thing. This was a “Why is my cardigan, which is tied onto my bag, damp? OH, because it has been TOUCHING MY LEGS OCCASIONALLY”. Suffice to say, it was completely amazing, I had a rad time, & it was hilarious to be around so many sodden people.

Things I Love ThursdayThis photo!

Try It On Everything — Yes, another movie! I’ve watched a few this week but I made a point to watch things that were going to improve my life in some way, not just distract me or provide some kind of downtime, & funnily enough, I keep finding movies that are of direct interest to me. So I’ve been watching them. Anyway, Try It On Everything is a movie about EFT, one of my favourite things ever. Those of you who are new to iCiNG might not have heard me talk about it — it’s a healing technique that I swear by & has completely changed my life. The movie is incredible, & you can watch the trailer at the above link.

Travel plans — I am deeply embroiled in itinerarymania. As a Virgo, this is one of my favourite parts of the travel process: organising it. Where am I going to go, & with whom? I’m currently plotting my late February/early March trip, which goes from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Austin to New York City. Mmmmmhmm. I am about to start making lists. Among the things I want to do are see the bat caves & the bat statue in Austin (!) & visit Charles Manson’s house in San Francisco. Uh huh. FUN. I am going to go to Borders, sit in the travel section & make extensive notes. What a nerd!

Honorary mentions: Re-reading old journals (& even better, reading them aloud to your friends & laughing until you can’t breathe); tidying, cleaning, re-organising when your brain feels like a slumbering cephalopod; Beastie Boys; enormous sunglasses with diamantes on the arms; sweet girls at MAC who make you over for fun; Lunice; rapping while hooping (Juicy is a perennial favourite); rapping at karaoke (haha, ditto); the phrase “leapfrog-the-homeless” (!!!); this!; weiiiird dreams; friends who encourage you to go on adventures; Dior couture (drool-o-rama); coming first place in Gran Turismo (& I haven’t played a video game in about 5 years); going out for dinner with my parents & laughing the whole time; the new Antony & the Johnsons album; Mercury retrograde drawing to a swift close (this weekend!); swimming in the sea (in sunglasses & a headscarf no less); Sara Bareilles; pretending that irritating people are actually just performing for your entertainment & putting on a really bad play; dreaming about spending sprees in Agent Provocateur; Lily Allen’s He Wasn’t There; Soul Position; being really proud of & excited for my friends; DJ Z-Trip; Jake; “…& then we all got chest infections”, & watching the President & First Lady dance to Beyonce. Yes, I cried. It was an amazing moment.

I know there was no TiLT last week — I unwittingly upped my MSM dosage & spent the day feeling horrific — so let’s make this one a bumper edition! Write a big big big love list, pile scoops of it up high like a $1000 ice-cream sundae drizzled with chocolate sauce & gold flakes. Tell your twin sister to get in on it, ask your grandma what she’d add, & think bigger, bolder & more magically than ever before!