Things I Love Thursday

The Current from Minnesota Public Radio. I happened upon it totally by chance last week when I listened to POS do an in-studio interview, & when it was over, I just left it on. It is my new obsession. I love it so much, which is a big deal because most of the time, I loathe radio. I haven’t actively listened to the radio since Channel Z went to the dogs in late 1998! Anyway, my point is, The Current is amazing & you should tune in, because I think you’ll enjoy it too. Listen to the stream here.

Plane tickets — On Tuesday I booked & paid for my flights to America. OH YES. I leave in a week & six days. Not that I’m counting down or anything! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Valentine’s Day picnics! Also on Tuesday, I got an invitation to attend a Valentine’s Day picnic with my friend, who said he will make me food & massage my feet!

SXSW mania — I am in the grip of Austin overload. So many of my friends are speaking at SXSW Interactive, so many amazing bands are playing & I might even be persuaded to see some films… I have been told Austin has many excellent cupcakeries, too. I’ve been looking at Design*Sponge’s Austin design guide which is good but does anyone have any additional info about what’s worth checking out?!

Raw food coaches, namely Heidi & J.S. Ohlander from Raw Food Right Now! Yesterday I had a two-hour coaching call with them via Skype where we discussed all kinds of things, from gurus to sea salt to trampolines, & it was amazing! They are so cool & they gave me so much information. I now have all sorts of insider knowledge on making amazing smoothies, supplements & tricks for beautiful skin, & a whole lot more! (As I try out their suggestions I’ll write about them, never fear!) One thing I really loved about talking to them is their approach to raw food — they don’t think everyone needs to go 100% overnight, or even ever if they don’t want to! & I love that. I think a lot of us go 100%, then freak out & go back to cooked food & feel like we’ve “failed” somehow, which is nonsense. Any incorporation of raw food is a triumph, & as long as you’re happy & your body feels good, who cares whether you follow 80/10/10 or not! Know what I mean? Anyway, if you’re in the market for fantastic raw coaching, Heidi & J.S. get my hearty stamp of approval. Their blog is a great source of info too. Mad props!

Time Out New York! I’m on the cover this week! Yes, really! I was picked as a “sexy single culture-maker” & have been offered up on the sacrificial dating altar! Oh my. The emails I’ve received so far have been amazing. Stay tuned for upcoming adventures in Manhattan-based bachelorettedom!

Honorable mentions: Milk (totally brilliant); saying “hamazing”; The Prodigy’s Invaders Must Die; being productive; Bose desktop speakers (they blow my SoundDock out of the water & I am the happiest girl ever); good black ink pens & pages full of handwriting; “At Last” covered by pretty much anybody; vegan chocolate-covered plums (I actually bought them by mistake — if you believe in those! Best “mistake” I’ve ever made, god they are amazing); getting a drawing of an “evil & rabid” unicorn on sparkly purple paper in the mail; Tao Lin; Larabars; schemes with my wife; using the Virgo moon energy to organise my suitcases & wardrobe from top to bottom; lots of rain when you get to stay inside; reading old love letters (& only keeping the best ones); mega-watt naps; dreaming about dachshunds licking my nose; amazing yoga sessions; dancing around my living room to Mobb Deep; “that wasn’t vulgarity, baby, that was poetry!”; HD video cameras in the post; Ringtone by Big Boi; researching photobooths in Austin & hilarious AIM conversations.

So, what’s flippin’ your switch this week?

P.S. Hey. To help spread the love this week, you know what would be super-cool? If you donated to the Australian Red Cross to help them fight the insane bushfires which are going on in Victoria right now. They are in serious crisis mode, & even a few bucks flicked their way will help more than you can fathom.