Things I Love Thursday

America! I know you knew I was going to say that, but I’d hate to disappoint you! I’m so pleased to be here & in such good company. I love it. This place is so weird. The weather is really beautiful, almost exactly like Wellington right now except without the wind, & everything is super-convenient once again. I went to bed at about midnight last night & woke up at around 6 or 7, & appear to have acclimatised already. YAY. It’s super-nice to be back in what Jake calls “real life” — meaning we can chat at a semi-normal time! & also, you know what? It’s nice to be in a place which is inspiring & stimulating. I can’t wait to do some more writing — I know it’s been sparse around here lately while I’ve been packing, preparing & flying! I hope you can forgive me!

My brand new Flip Mino HD is totally amazing. I received it yesterday when Timmy & Sam picked me up from the airport, & it is completely rad. It’s so easy to use & the quality is faaaaantastic. I just shot this as we were driving around today. I’m already obsessively documenting my adventures, don’t you worry! Thanks Flip!

Harper’s Bazaar, specifically the March 2009 issue with the hot pink cover. Why? Oh, let me tell you! #1. Sarah Jessica Parker dressed as Diana Vreeland. YES. #2. The designer from Marchesa dressed as the Marchesa Louisa Casati. WHAT?! #3. Karl Lagerfeld acting as “sartorial shrink”, with comments like, “Better a split personality than no personality at all”, & “Going from shop to shop is, perhaps, today considered a form of cultural anxiety. There are more constructive & intelligent ways to spend your time”. SWOON. I picked it up totally on a whim, without even flicking through. It was a great whim! You should definitely go & hunt yourself a copy.

Making plans! My life feels incomplete when I don’t have a list of things to do, people to see & adventures to go on. This is perhaps sad, but it is definitely true. For example, I get to see Nubby — & take her to Disneyland! — in a week & a half! Virgo Power reunited once again! I can’t wait to see my girl again! Aaaahhhhhh!

This email:

You are going to have the best year
Be good and try not to break too many hearts
You’ve always got a place to stay wherever I am
And I hope you get everything you want
I’ll miss your face, but I get to see it everywhere so its okay.

Honourable mentions: Cute boys with good cheekbones & sweet afros who make you mixtapes; Jazzi; sleeping almost all the way on the plane; Jay-Z (I watched a documentary about Reasonable Doubt on the plane, it was great); coffee & chocolate milkshakes; getting through American immigration! (always a source of immense relief); secret vintage shopping dates; synchronicity; arriving in L.A. to cupcakes & cuddles; Disneyland plans; bright pink handbags; sweet immigration officers who even act sympathetic when you tell them about how your contact lenses have dried out; planning slumber parties (“It’s going to be like Cute Island in here!”); being able to use my Helio Ocean again!!! (mega-addict); responsible eating (smoothie for breakfast + salad for lunch = happy Gala!); Hugnation & Halcyon (another great person I get to see in 2 weeks!); the word “boytopia” & um, America, America, America. Oh, wait, do you know what the best thing EVER is? Sleeping in an incredibly comfortable queen-sized futon bed when you’ve been cramped up on a plane for 15 hours. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

& you, my sweet? What are you looking forward to? Who have you flirted with recently? What divine smooches have you received from the universe? Holla!