Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

The American adventure thus far. It has been a mad time, but so much fun. Constant movement, insane amounts of FOOD, & lots of discussions about things I love to talk about — like writing, blogging, fashion, relationships, marketing & plans for the future! I am super-blessed to know the people I do. Viz…

Jazzi — The hostess with the mostest. Jazzi has been so good to me over the past two weeks… Indulging my whims, driving me around, taking me to In-N-Out burger all the time, showing me her favourite spots in the city & being sweet++ all the time. She is such a rad girl! Nubby & I are thinking about adopting her. Which brings me to…

Nubby — The one, the only, the inimitable Nubby Twiglet. My wife, my star, my Virgo soulmate. I saw her last weekend, & it was brief but beautiful. We shopped, we ate, we drank pre-mixed bottles of alcohol, we were faux-seduced by faux-serial killers & real construction workers, we took a bunch of photos & we laughed a whole lot. She is still the best.

Star — I love Star! I talk to her a whole lot but before last week, had only actually met her in person twice: on my 23rd & 25th birthdays, both times in New York City. Jazzi & I stayed with her in San Francisco, & I walked into her house to see this! We had late-night cups of tea & almost-passed-out conversations in her big red bed & lots of hugs. I adore her so much.

Things I Love ThursdayChristopher, Gala, Adam.

SoulGarden! Most of you probably know that I am obsessed with the SoulGarden daily horoscopes on Youtube. Well, we got talking (somehow?!) & during my time in L.A. I hung out twice with the guys who make it happen. THEY ARE SO AWESOME. Honestly. You have no idea. They are the coolest, most interesting, inspiring, fantastic guys ever. We have plans to eat Mexican food in NYC & some other stuff too. Watch this space!

Disneyland is so much fun. I still love the Haunted Mansion the best. My obsession with the supernatural that I had as a kid has never really left me. I laughed madly all the way around the Matterhorn, & screamed my way all around Space Mountain! We took so many pictures, ate completely ridiculous food & bought more ears than anyone could ever need. It was the perfect place for our 6-month anniversary, haha.

Austin — Okay, so I only arrived last night but in my very brief travels so far I have noticed that Austin is absolutely full of extremely cute boys. That’s all I can tell you so far, but obviously, this is good news…

My female friends, collectively — They are an amazing bunch of girls. I am so proud of all of them. They almost exclusively are known by names they created for themselves, they’re doing work which fulfils them in some kind of capacity, they have plans & dreams & they’re optimistic about the future. They are committed to doing the best they can, they are intelligent & supportive & insightful, they are good to me & there for me & we wear each other’s clothes. I think I said this a while ago but I used to be pretty much totally incapable of making female friends; it’s something I learned to do about a year or so ago. I didn’t really understand how they worked, I think I was intimidated half the time & riddled with jealousy the rest of the time, so it never really happened. But now? Having close girlfriends is one of the best things about my life.

Jake countdown — I get to meet my friend Jake next Wednesday & I am SO EXCITED. We have been talking online like total lunatics since late last year & he’s coming to Austin for SXSW & Gala mania! His birthday was a couple of weeks ago, so I called a bakery down the road from his work (in Minneapolis) & had a mutual friend of ours (pastry henchman!) pick up & deliver him a bunch of cupcakes, cookies & pastries. Obviously I think he is pretty great. I have been counting down the days on Twitter (see?) & well, I don’t know what I can really say except that I am amped. He is awesome incarnate. YAY.

Things I Love Thursday

My new pink sequinned maus helmet! Oh dear god. I love it so much it needs its own mention. It is my new boyfriend. It’s like what you would wear if you were battling in the disco apocalypse. It is SO my favourite thing right now. I am considering wearing it to my panel on Saturday… I think I should probably do it.

Honourable mentions: Internalols (“I’m lolling on the inside”); talking to my friends on AIM while driving across the country; cello recitals by beautiful girls in the morning; honesty; The Legendary Pink Dots; writing next to a swimming pool in the sun (it’s an unbeatable combination); the Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame; James St James; weird people in costume who ask for your phone number; 9th Wonders’ Nas mix; epic productivity buzzes; running through the airport & making your plane at the last moment; 24-hour restaurants full of good-looking people (in both L.A. & Austin!); R√∂yksopp; excitement about SXSWi (it kicks off tomorrow!); spinach dip (new obsession?); Sam & Liam Lynch (he is so cool); coconut water; In-N-Out (I wish it wasn’t true but it is); salads from California Pizza Kitchen; puppy kisses.

How about you, kitten moon?