Things I Love Thursday

Dear Antipodeans,

I’m so sorry that you are getting this on a Friday morning. (Hopefully it will help kick your weekend off in style, though!) I’m going to do my best to get more organised so that TiLT posts at midnight New York time — 4pm Thursday in New Zealand, & somewhere around noon in Australia. I love you!

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Horror movies in bed on a Sunday; boys who make you breakfast & coffee in the morning; listening to records until 4am; spending time with really great, strong, hilarious women; boys with clean houses (cannot be overestimated); CHLOE; Pure’s S&M salad; accessory-buying binges at Forever 21; Cadbury mini eggs (with a candy shell!); international playgirl breakfast meetings; Deftones’ Around The Fur (oh to be an angsty teenager again); technicolour pool parties; Trent Reznor’s current playlist; KRS-One; cupcakes for breakfast (always); people who value good coffee; New York’s weather (always keeps me guessing?!); wearing bunny ears on the subway; dancing on trains in high heels; thugs on the street who tell you they love your hair; getting my creative spark back; fun writing projects (I have to write about my experiences with my Time Out New York dating profile — SO excited!); talking about the power & magic of names; NUBBY; decorating International Playgirl HQ; catching up on my sleep; constantly meeting smart, funny, cute, good people; lying in bed & laughing; sudden snowflakes; upcoming shows in the planetarium at the Museum of Natural History (hell yes); making midnight snack dates; massages; calling super-fun hot girls “supertramps”; the guys at the deli downstairs (they are always so cute & happy); singing Don’t Stop Believin’ with Jenah (new BFF uh huh) at the top of our lungs at a bar in Queens; sandwiches & Drake.

Oh Biggie, give me one more chance…

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” — Joseph Campbell

Your turn, little star-lover. Tell us what is making your galaxy bloom & explode with delight!