Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

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1. crunkstyle, 2. Wooooooooooooo!, 3. balloons & birthdays, 4. Trucs, 5. red&blue, 6. aquĆ­! / here!, 7. Twiggy Halloween Paper Doll, 8. oh*my…., 9. “Where the F*CK is Carmen Sandiego?”

Where’s Wally? I have so much love for Where’s Wally? that it is quite incredible. I once cut up an old copy of one of the books & stuck pictures of Wally in strange places around the city — bus stops, corners, underneath door handles, even sliding them into letterboxes. I hope it made people happy. P.S. “According to the American Library Association Where’s Waldo has ranked 88 out of a 100 of the most banned and objected to books in the USA. The most common reason this book has been banned because in one picture, there are tiny cartoon breasts being wantonly flashed. !!!)

Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? Yes, today I am majorly feeling the love for my childhood. I loved that she was an art thief & an international woman of mystery! I also liked Ghostwriter, but that’s a story for another time…

Exercising & actually seeing results. If that’s not addictive/encouraging, I don’t know what is. I swear, my arms are changing shape. I am SO HAPPY.

Slumber parties! My friend is staying over this weekend & I am really excited about it. Unreasonably so, maybe! We are going to go to a party celebrating all things nerdy & then watch bad television — Gossip Girl, Sex & The City, The Hills, America’s Next Top Model, etc.! The next morning, we’re going to go out for breakfast & then work on our respective writing projects (her: thesis, me: iCiNG). Major glee!

Hallowe’en! I am really looking forward to it this year, though it is one of my plans to spend at least one Hallowe’en in America. Americans do it best, you know! I’m really hoping that there is a good party going on somewhere, because I really want to dress up & be a dork! (& yes, there is a piece forthcoming on Hallowe’en costumes & ideas!)

Dancing! Mostly around my living room, but it counts! My favourite booty-shaking track at the moment is Notorious B.I.G. – Machine Gun Funk. “So you wanna be haaaardcore…?”

Visitors! My dear friend Timmy Lee hits Melbourne tomorrow! I haven’t seen him in over a year, & it is going to be so weird/exciting/awesome! That’s him in the collage above, top left. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Summer in general. It’s starting to heat up, I think! I am really looking forward to spending time on the beach, running around in skimpy dresses & getting out & doing some things in the city. Melbourne is amazing in summer, it really comes alive, & there are hundreds of free events. So much fun.

Okay… so… what are you loving today?