Things I Love Thursday

Supernumerary rainbows; wearing multiple feather earrings in one lobe; planning outfits on paper; sitting with my laptop at a window; talking to old friends who I missed very much; daydreaming about L. Amelia Raley‘s chocolate & lavender non-milkshakes (totally worth a trip to Austin); Angels & Airwaves, I love them & I will not be ashamed!; chasing & capturing fireflies; the smell of gasoline; wearing short summer dresses with boots; old David Bowie records; tattoo anticipation (next week!); people who impersonate Pee Wee Herman (“I’m LISTENING to the voice of REASON!”); cruising dogs with the Dish whenever we go out for a walk (we walk all over the island every time we’re together so this is an almost constant activity); becoming Hank’s mother officially; striped fingernails; deciding to take a holiday!; Jake Money; buying delicious essential oil blends (rose absolute + vanilla absolute = the delishimost); Atmosphere’s Leak At Will EP (add it to your cart, it’s free free free!)…

Big gleaming Aquarian moons; Icelandic 45% semisweet chocolate; women in the supermarket who tell you how much they love your outfit (I was wearing fingerless gloves & boots & geek glasses!); having rad epiphanies while walking down the street; polka-dot dresses; planning a trip back to New Zealand for Christmas (avec Dish in tow?!); finding fortunes on the street (“Someone can read your mind”); surprise ice-creams; “HOT?! Who’s hot?! Feels just fine to me! I feel just perfect! In fact, I can’t remember when I felt quite so cozy down here!”; celebrating the 4th of July with burgers & beer (très Américain, non?); sparkles on everything; layering yummy scents (cocoa butter + Lush Candy Fluff talcum powder + rose absolute + vanilla absolute!); “Count your blessings + eat your damn eggs”; monster foot slippers!; sitting on the back of the Dish’s bike while he aims for pedestrians at high speed (!!! hahah); remembering to take my vitamins; laughing so much I snort aloud!

“I live & love in God’s peculiar light.” — Michelangelo

AHHHHH OUI! ET MAINTENANT, it is time for your list! ‘Cause it ain’t all about me! Give it to me! Yes! You! You & your big long list of lurve & excited silliness! Bring it on, MA PETITE CHOU! (Little cabbage!) JE VEUX TON AMOUR! (I want your love!)