Things I Love Thursday

Okay, we’re doing something a little different today! Je vous prĂ©sente… An alphabet of lurve! An A to Z of things which make me smile, laugh or just feel good in general. Alright, here we go!

A is for… Alexander McQueen. He is my favourite designer bar none. Look at this & tell me he is not the greatest. I see a pair of those in my future. Oh yes I do.

B is for… books. I just made a huge Amazon order & now I am all giddy waiting for it to arrive. On their way are books on subjects ranging from sex astrology to colour theory to NLP & neuroscience. I am so excited, YAY.

C is for… Courtney Love. She was a huge inspiration to me as a teenage girl — I have said repeatedly that if you were hooked into the Courtney Love thing at a young age, it never really leaves you, & I am convinced that that is one of Life’s Golden Truths. But right now I mostly love her for following me on Twitter, sending me cute delirious direct messages & this. Awww.

D is for… the Dish. Yep, still my favourite person, still very jumpable, still makes me laugh, still rocks my world.

E is for… evil food. Like Frito Pie. I discovered Frito Pie last night. Essentially, you tear open a packet of Fritos (corn chips), then pour chilli, cheese, sour cream & jalapenos on top. It sounds so vile, I know, but it is completely amazing. Ahhhhh!

F is for… bunches of flowers. I finally took full possession of International Playgirl HQ on Monday & so I have been Galafying it ever since. One of the easiest ways to make it more “me” was to buy big bunches of white & pink roses, as well as fuchsia lilies. So pretty.

G is for… getting dressed up. I’m going out for dinner tonight (Momofuku Ko)! I am going to wear my new shoes (which have not yet made their debut) & a frilly dress & I will do my very best to take an outfit photo!

H is for… Hank. He is so cute, I want to eat his face.

I is for… interns! Yesterday I hired myself an assistant who my psychic told me about months ago… Eerie! She is adorable, wears great shoes & managed to be charming even while a junkie hit on us in the middle of our meeting. Sehr klasse! She starts on Tuesday. Radvegas.

J is for… Jay-Z. I love him. That is all.

K is for… kissing. Favourite activity? Yes. Yes. Yes.

L is for… lingerie! Imagine my delight to receive a parcel from Loulou Loves You full of beautiful frillies! She sent me the Love bra & the Love knickers (the first pair), both in turquoise & pink. So beautiful, they fit like a dream & make me feel all luxurious. I want her to be my official underthing supplier! Yum yum!

M is for… motorcycles. We have been out riding a lot in the past 7 days & I really do love it ever so much.

N is for… new jobs! I recently signed on as ChinaShop‘s Fashion Curator — which is a fancy way of saying Fashion Editor — & am having so much fun with it! It’s rad to have a new project & to write in a different style; good for the brain! Subscribe to their RSS so that you know when my new pieces go live. I’ll be writing there two or three times a week.

O is for… old friends & running into them when you least expect it!

P is for… P-Money. Especially this song. I got an email from my friend Helen the other day which said, “This song makes me think of new zealand summers. And how we should be chilling driving around eastbourne in a car with no top. xxx” Cute! You can’t be unhappy listening to this track!

Q is for… quirky people. Like Meg. Hee! But they make life more interesting, don’t they?

R is for… ridiculous phrases! Cynthia Kaboom coined a new one on Twitter the other day — “Sad Trombones Everywhere” for bummer days! STE for short…

S is for… scotch. Hello scotch, I like you so much, especially with ginger ale.

T is for… Tarina Tarantino. She makes the best jewellery on the planet. Maybe even in the galaxy. (Gala xy!) I just bought a whole bunch of it, I can’t wait to be a blinding, sparkling, flashing danger to oncoming traffic!

U is for… unicorns! (Thanks Schmooz!) I am so looking forward to getting my unicorn tattoo, too!

V is for… Vegas! The other day I re-watched the video Nubby & I made of our trip to Las Vegas last September & cracked up. We had such a good time! I’m going back in August & October (& hopefully taking Nubs with me, too!) & can’t wait. It is one of my favourite places of all time, which is so funny, because it never ever appealed to me until I actually got there.

W is for… rad web design. Star did such a great job on iCiNG, & Damian Rebman did such amazing things with Love Letter To The Universe! It seems so silly but putting a brand new beautiful face on your web projects really does make you feel good, more inspired & more productive!

X is for… xoxoxoxox.

Y is for… you. YES I DO. MWAH. Also, Yoko Ono for this tweet alone…

“I would like to see a sky vending machine on every corner of the street instead of the coke machine. We need more skies than coke.”

Z is for… zzZzzZzZzzzzz. I love to sleep! Especially sandwiched between my two favourite boys (that would be the Dish & Hank, of course!).

Homework tasks for nonpareils, in order of decreasing difficulty:
Make your own love alphabet; post it.
Write a standard Things I Love Thursday list; post it.
Sit really still & think about ten things you’re really happy about.
Smile at the next person you see.
Stay beautiful.