Things I Love Thursday

Seeing a guy on a Harley-Davidson blasting Bon Jovi, sooooo funny & mega-cliché!; ORLY La Vida Loca nailpolish with ORLY Rocker Chick over the top; long portraits (Clayton Cubitt does these exceptionally well); the movie MOON with score by Clint Mansell who really, in my mind, can do no wrong; see also Mr Moon; my new Pee-Wee Herman watch from Summer!; bubble machine obsession; being really really busy; magical mysterious emails from my amazing friends; Breathe by Alexi Murdoch (I just found this song on my iTunes, I don’t know how it got there, but I am glad); “you are best you are elf pink in new york thank flowers for you”; The Night Hank Williams Came To Town haha; finding delicious treats hidden in your house; dressing magically; “ease off Gary Glitter”; Angelina Jolie; noisy bracelets; freshly-dyed ultraviolet hair; this amazing woman I saw the other day whose hair was dyed RAINBOW & her entire outfit was tie-dyed rainbow too; well-deserved naps; motorcycle adventuring; Cosmic Brownies (not the actual taste, just the name); dubstep; iiiiiiidly considering getting an iPhone & looking at Swarovski crystal-encrusted covers (danger danger, seeeeriously); Johnny Depp & this comment: “i love how he looks like a total hobo in some of his interviews but you still hear hoots and hollers from the women in the audience lol you know you’re hot when you can look like a hobo but you can still make girls swoon over you haha”; daily deliveries of mind-blowing books; using my brain in new ways; putting postcards & letters on my fridge; finally getting my suitcase out of storage & tripling my wardrobe as well as rediscovering all my old SHOES!; my new equestrian helmet & bag (thanks ModCloth!); staying up late for international phonecalls; Prince.

“To love beauty is to see light.” — Victor Hugo

Your turn, bunny moon! Show us your love — & your light!