Things To Do In Summer

Due to public demand… !

Have picnics all the time — make egg sandwiches, take a thermos of something cold, feed each other strawberries. Remember to take a kite, a blanket, some kind of music setup & sunscreen!

Make friends with someone who has a swimming pool — or find one you can sneak into easily.

Take hundreds of photos of yourself & your friends, with the clear blue sky as a backdrop. (Bonus points if you use a Polaroid camera.)

Buy a big white bedshirt & wear it all the time.

Go to outdoor cinema showings & take bubble mixture.

Dye a mosquito net your favourite colour — pink or violet or midnight blue — & hang it above your bed.

Buy some blotting papers & use them when your makeup starts to go shiny from the heat.

Rent a convertible & drive somewhere — maybe Las Vegas, depending on your priorities.

Make (or buy) yourself a juice every morning. My favourites are chocolate + raspberries + soy milk + coconut milk, or mango + pineapple + coconut milk + soy milk + sunflower seeds. Drool!

Go out dancing & kiss cute strangers.

Spend hours on swings in playgrounds.

Enlist your friends & participate in every International Dress-Up Day!

Throw a tea-party & celebrate small days!

Sit on a porch/verandah/patio at sunset, listen to Elliott Smith really loudly & drink something tasty (like Jameson’s with lemonade).

Buy a bicycle & pedal furiously all over the place.

Use Google to find out about local events over the summer. Most cities have festivals a go-go & there is always something worth going to!

Ride a carousel & laugh mirthfully the whole time.