Things To Do In Winter

For those of us dealing with temperatures which just keep dropping…

Hunt out the best hot chocolate in the city.

Go out for steaming bowls of Italian food (lasagne, spaghetti bolognese) & cups of espresso.

Buy a new duvet cover for your bed — something cosy & lovely — & a slew of mismatching pillowcases for ultimate indulgence.

Get a massage every Friday afternoon.

Make a list of books you want to read, reserve them at the library, then collect them & soak them up.

Quit smoking — huddling outside in a storm trying to light a cigarette is no fun!

Conjure up an interior design concept & go out looking for treasures in markets.

Make an effort to leave the house (other than to go to work). Take a jewellery-making class, learn hula hooping, go to one art gallery a week, or take a creative writing class.

Buy Lush bath bombs (my favourite is Fairy Jasmine) & spend hours in the tub.

Round up a group of friends & go ski-ing, snowboarding, tobogganing or just have a fondue party in a wood cabin.

Walk around with a great umbrella & waterproof boots.

Make a big bowl of apple crumble & eat it every night for dessert.

Decorate your bedroom with fairy lights.

Learn how to layer your clothing (without looking like a crazy bag lady).

Buy a pair of motorcycle boots & wear them everywhere — with pearls.

Drink lots of water — most people’s skin gets incredibly dry over winter because of all the heating — lots of orange juice (for vitamin C), & if you need it, try wearing a slightly heavy moisturiser.

Stock up on winter necessities: a scarf, a hat & gloves — here are some of my picks from the beginning of the year.

Learn how to buy a winter coat.

Go out for insanely good Indian meals.

Convince your boss that you can work from home!

Spend lots of time in bed with someone who will let you put your cold feet on them.

Fly somewhere hot!