Things To Do Today

A few ideas to keep you from obsessively refreshing your Livejournal friends page or reading Myspace comments to people you don’t even like!

Call three friends & invite them over — tell them you are having a “French street urchin party”. Inform them that they should wear scarves & dress dramatically. Put out a bottle of red wine with four short glasses, like what coffee is sometimes served in. Watch Breathless together & consider getting Jean Seberg-esque haircuts.

Have a one-person dance party.

Cultivate an enormous crush on someone bizarre (& dead).

Decide on something to start collecting. (A decent collection is a great aphrodisiac.) Spend hours on Ebay & then excitedly plot where you’re going to store everything.

Plan a party!

Do a whole lot of research & make a list of cities (& hotels) you want to visit.

Find out about free events where you live. People don’t take advantage of them nearly enough!

Get a prison penpal. (I have always wanted to do this.)

Indulge in a little urban exploration.

Take some self-portraits.

Eat a box of chocolate-cream Oreos while watching Sex & The City. (That sounds so good right now.)

Go to a garden-centre & buy a plant. (Good feng shui, you know.)

Think of ideas for International Dress-Up Day #002! Then email them to me!