Things You Should Definitely Do: Become Part Of A Moving Rainbow!

The Color Run!Photo by Zachary Strain.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience Holi — the Hindu celebration of Spring which is best known for the brightly-coloured powder which is thrown around — but haven’t gotten around to attending, I have an idea for you!

Join me in The Color Run!

Okay, before you’re put off by anything containing the words “run”: you don’t have to run the 5 kilometres. You can walk, dance, skip or attend in a wheelchair. All that matters is that you participate… & that you wear white clothing! Why? Because at every kilometre marker, volunteers throw coloured powder on the runners, turning the procession into a moving rainbow!

It happens in 18 US cities this summer, so if you’re in SoCal, Seattle, Racine WI, Denver CO, Chicago IL, Cleveland OH, Tulsa OK, Kansas City MO, Philadelphia PA, San Francisco, Twin Cities MN, Columbus OH, Ann Arbor MI, Boston, Indianapolis IN, Louisville KY, Boise ID, Sacramento CA, NYC, Albuquerque NM, Birmingham AL, Washington D.C., Portland OR, Nashville TN, Memphis TN, Charlotte NC, New Orleans or Orlando FL, you have no excuses!

The Color Run!

I’ve always wanted to do a run of some kind, but never had much motivation. Hello, Gala, here is your motivation! I told Rabbit about it on Sunday & we are officially DOIN’ IT! Will you join us?

The Color Run!Click on Chris Rupert’s photo for mega-detail!

The Color Run!

I am ecstatic about the shift that is happening in the world right now. Can you feel it? Can you see it? I can. I love that it’s becoming cool to be happy & healthy & live life however you want to. I can hardly believe something like this exists! It makes me feel so excited about EVERYTHING!

The Color Run!

If you want to join in, be sure to sign up here — the cities sell out every time! If your city isn’t on the list, don’t pout: vote for your city & maybe they’ll bring it to your town, too!

Lacing up my gym shoes as we speak,