This Just In: Love & Sequins Lights Up Lives!

Typewriter LOVE!

Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been receiving some really lovely Love & Sequins reviews recently, & I wanted to share them with you!

There is no better feeling than hearing that your work has made other people happy, or improved their lives in any small way. It is the ultimate reward. Thank you so much to everyone has written — your emails & tweets make me beam from ear to ear!

“I’ve been listening to your podcast again, and it really is a miracle hon. It’s wise and precious and true and powerful – it’s your story. And it’s magical and solid and real and helpful and loving all at once. I just know how much I get out of it – and I know others would too. I just want you to know how grateful I am that you fill this world with your glitter-sparkling essence and your you-ness everyday.” — Leonie

“The last edition of Love & Sequins could not have come at a better time. My life has been full of change, both good and bad, for the past few years & reading something filled with such promise and positivity is just what I needed. Your writing truly inspires me to work through the bad & only focus on the good. I find the morals you live your life by completely inspiring &
I always say to myself, “if she can do it, why can’t I?” I’ve been an avid reader on your site since I stumbled upon it shortly after you first launched it. I can only imagine the amount of emails filled with praise and happy thoughts you must read on a daily basis from readers just like myself. Every day I try to live my life with as much sparkle as you live yours.” — Ashley

“L&S is so gorgeous and positive that I just can’t be without on them on my ipod for down days!” — Sara

“your blog and (especially) l&s are giving me the kick up the arse i need right now…i’m on the verge of working up the guts to move from glasgow to london and i can hand on heart say that while i’ve known about the law of attraction and been more and more of a positive thinker over the last 3 years (a massive abraham hicks fan!), having someone of my age i can relate to putting this stuff into context has pushed me from being the sort of person sitting around in my room being inspired by LOA to actually taking action!” — Lindsay

“Listening to @galadarling’s manifesting and magic making podcast. Just hearing her voice is so soothing. I totally recommend!” — dearfishvtg

“I love your website and I am now a devoted Love & Sequins reader! Your words, your selfless gift of sharing EFT with your readers – these have both inspired monumental changes in me – it’s unbelievable! Thank you for being you!! I cannot wait to dive in to Love & Sequins 2… so excited!!!” — Ashley B.

“I adore this series, it’s so more-ish & yummy & TRUE. I’m doing a lot of uh-huhing and nodding while listening. I’ve been trying to pace myself but it’s tricky…” — Nats

“I’m LOVING the series so very much. I listened to #1 on repeat all of Monday, and I think it’s finally starting to sink in– right now, I feel like Love & Sequins has changed my life, or at the very least my current outlook on life!” — Amanda

“I’ve only just discovered your website, and despite some very low funds, I decided to take the leap, and purchased #6 from your book…the one about creating your own fashion! I’ve been struggling with this for some time, and looking at my closet…you described it right! It was a mini monster! I’ve since gotten to taming the beast behind those doors, and discovered a sense of fashion I never knew I had. Versatile and expanding through all “normal” boundaries, I feel empowered by your words and your sense of fashion to wear whatever I wish…no matter whether it’s punk, goth, business or whatever. I’ve even asked others of what they think of my current fashion…and discovered that I don’t look as slobbish and lazy as I thought!” — J.M.

“I feeling so much better after this morning disasters listening to @galadarling reading her “love & sequins” book it’s amazing! <3" -- StarlaStarlove

“Recently, after becoming a die-hard, devoted Gala-phile, I decided to up the ante and try out the first installment of your Love & Sequins collection. Best. Decision. Ever. I immediately purchased a subscription! Getting to actually hear you as you tell me so many beautiful things about my life makes me realize how much you truly do love and care for every single one of your Gala girls. It makes me take the things you say to heart on a different level, and motivates me so furiously that after I listen to my daily morning bit of L&S, I’m completely fired up and ready to take on the day, no matter what it has in store for me. You’ve inspired me to begin writing more, a passion that I didn’t even know I had until I learned to relax and let the words flow straight from my soul onto paper. Through the techniques you’ve taught me – introspection, self-love, and especially some well-deserved EFT – I’ve learned to unlock my true potential, and to approach life with a ferocious self-confidence that has not only changed my life, but has begun to inspire the people around me!” — Natalie

“Just so ya know, @galadarling’s podcasts are a thousand shades of gorgeous. With sparkles. And yum.” — zenatplay

Well now, if you want to get your sticky little mitts on a copy all of your own, who could blame you?! (INTERROBANG!)