Three Question Thursday: Comparison, Friendship Break-Ups, And Staying Positive

Wow! I received so many questions from you all on my Facebook page that I decided to create a new feature: Three Question Thursday! The premise is simple: I take three questions you’ve asked me about life, love or happiness, and answer them in video format.

For the very first Three Question Thursday, I answered questions from Cynthia, JessieAnne, and Jess, who asked me about how to stop comparing yourself to others, coping with potential friend break-ups, and maintaining a positive outlook.

I recorded this beside the pool at The Standard Spa in Miami, where I was taking a break from New York’s never-ending snow, ice and slush. There are many birds chirping in the background, and I hope it brings a little digital sunshine to your day!



Once you’ve seen the video, I’d love it if you clicked through to Youtube and told us what you do to keep your happiness levels high!


P.S. In case you’re wondering, dress is from ASOS, and I it!
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