‘Tis The Season! Love & Sequins Holiday SALE!

Love & Sequins sale!

Hello my darlings!

In celebration of all things festive, & in anticipation of Love & Sequins #12 being released the week after Christmas, I’m having a SALE!

Those of you who have been following for a while will know that Love & Sequins is my handbook on being a love letter to the universe. It’s 12 chapters in all, each one covering a different subject, ranging from love & relationships to manifesting your dream life to my ultimate NYC guide! In addition to the written chapter, you also receive an MP3 of me reading it aloud to you! It’s a pretty sweet little package.

Of course, this means that when chapter 12 is released in two weeks time, Love & Sequins will come to an end! The end of an era; the end of the biggest project I have undertaken!

Love & Sequins, completed, will be somewhere in the region of 300,000 words–that is not a typo!–with over 12 hours of audio, & untold hours of work invested. Amazing! I’m BEYOND thrilled with how it has turned out & the immense positivity of the response.

So, rest assured, I promise you that this is the very last sale there will ever be on Love & Sequins! This is IT baby!

Here’s how it works!

Option #1: Hey big-spender!
A year-long subscription to Love & Sequins bought all at once is usually $84, making it $7 per chapter. If you buy during the sale, I’ll knock the price down to $60–only $5 per chapter! That’s a saving of $24, effectively giving you three (& a half!) chapters for NOTHIN’!

“Recently, after becoming a die-hard, devoted Gala-phile, I decided to up the ante and try out the first installment of your Love & Sequins collection. Best. Decision. Ever. I immediately purchased a subscription! Getting to actually hear you as you tell me so many beautiful things about my life makes me realize how much you truly do love and care for every single one of your Gala girls. It makes me take the things you say to heart on a different level, and motivates me so furiously that after I listen to my daily morning bit of L&S, I’m completely fired up and ready to take on the day, no matter what it has in store for me.” — N.

When you pick the subscription, you’ll be sent chapters #1-#11 immediately, & #12 (the final episode!) the week after Christmas.

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Option #2: Delicious morsels!
If you’re more of a pick-&-mix kind of girl, you can buy a chapter here or there–whatever pleases you! Individual chapters are down to a mere $9 each! You’ll save $4 on each one, & it’s a fantastic way to pick up the installments you missed for a rip-roaring price!

“I only bought one (the 5th I think) out of curiosity but I was so moved and engaged in what you were saying that I have gradually acquired more. I think for me it’s the sheer quality and hard work that comes through and makes these so fantastic and inspiring. I am always wary about being promised quality and sold B/S and I have on many an occasion but these are brilliant and when I find something I like like this I cannot help myself and have to have them all!!!” — E.

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Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #1: LEARNING TO LOVE YOURSELF — Self-adoration, manifesting your ideal persona, channelling your inner Marie Antoinette & everything in between!

Excerpt: So what does “loving yourself” mean? There are a few different ways you can look at it, but from my point of view, loving yourself means treating yourself the way you would treat your very best, most treasured friend. See, that’s the thing with friends — they’re not perfect & we know it but we love them anyway. Your best friend might get into a ridiculous flap over some boy you think is nowhere near good enough for her, she might turn up to a party in an outfit that is less than flattering, she might slack off at her job or constantly talk about wanting to go to Paris & yet never save any money — but you still love her. You still think she is amazing. A shooting star in the shape of a girl. I think this is how we should choose to view ourselves, too…

“This podcast has been tremendously helpful. It has indeed resonated deeply in all of the tiny crevices of my being where I’ve been hiding my hopes and dreams and instead allowing myself to be swallowed by fear and doubt. I couldn’t agree more that we all know that self-confidence and self-love are the root of success, of living the positive inspired lives we all dream about. And yet, until now it escaped me that I could practice at being confident. That I could slowly develop these skills over time. I had a huge a-ha moment – of course it won’t happen overnight! Of course it’s about making small changes, adjusting my mindset and perceptions in the moment… Thank you for letting your own light shine as it has given me permission and inspiration to do the same. I’m deeply grateful.” — L.

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Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #2: THE SMART GIRL’S GUIDE TO BUSINESS — Taking control of your life, finding your passion, loving what you do & making mad bling!

Excerpt: What I’m saying here is that life shouldn’t be a hard slog with five years of faux-leisure at the end before you die. I think that is such a perverse way of viewing work, life, the universe & everything! Honestly, it’s WRONG. That is not how things should be. Why punish ourselves needlessly? I think the ideal situation for pretty much everyone is to do work that they enjoy & which challenges them, to have the freedom & autonomy necessary to take leave when they wish, & to be able to sustain a lifestyle which appeals to them. We don’t all want to be millionaires, but we should all be able to live at a level at which we’re comfortable, without sacrificing our integrity or happiness…

“I am writing to you in regard to a project that I started as a result of your lovely site. I guess you could call me one of your inspired non-pareils. Wikifashion began as an idea around one year ago and I never really had the “chutzpah” to give it a go until I purchased your podcast on “being your own boss”. I fell asleep listening to that podcast every night for a week, taking it all in and furiously scribbling down notes. It was so groundbreaking for me and every word that you spoke really resonated with me. Thank you for inspiration and words of wisdom.” — M.

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Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #3: LOVE, SEX, THE GALAXY & EVERYTHING — From falling in love to co-habitation, & all the beauty & madness contained within!

Excerpt: People do not seem to realise that the planet is FULL of AMAZING people, many of whom would pass out at the opportunity to TALK to you, let alone hold your hand & kiss you in public & buy you rad Christmas presents. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is a stinker, you are awesome enough not to have to put up with it! For real. Just get out of there. You will never regret it, & you will make space in your life for a really, really fantastic person to appear. Just like magic…

“Gala, I loved this one! I listened to it as soon as you sent it. I’ve always been kind of a cynic when it comes to love, but I think I’m ready to let my guard down and take the plunge. The ‘love self-evaluation’ and ‘figuring out what you want from a partner’ parts stood out the most to me, and I’m definitely going to take the time to write and reflect on these areas. Thank you so much!” — D.

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Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #4: A GUIDE TO MANNERS FOR THE MODERN MINX — Etiquette, social graces & charming the pants off total strangers for the uninitiated!

Excerpt: It’s all very Eckhart Tolle when you think about it — the key to being charismatic is being PRESENT. It sounds so basic, but so few people really get it right — & the people who do don’t necessarily do it consistently. The first time my friend Dhrumil & I went out to dinner together, we discussed the importance of being present in a conversation. He said to me, “Think about it. Over the course of this dinner, you & I have probably made more eye contact than some married couples would in a week”. That has always stuck with me. Eye contact is vital, & really makes the other person feel important, valued & engaged…

“Gala, you have truly hit the spot once more! I sat there nodding to myself, smiling with recognition, laughing out loud and thinking WOW this girl inspires me to change the world too as I listened to the 4th Love&Sequins. Thank you so much wonderful!” — A.

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Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #5: FINDING HAPPINESS & MAKING IT STAY — Choosing joy, making magic & devoting your life to love, adventure & deliciousness!

Excerpt: Taking responsibility for yourself is so incredibly liberating, & here is why. It will show you what innate power you have within you. Look at all the things around you, good & not-so-good. You have attracted them into your life, whether you believe it or not. & in a worst case scenario, if you can create awful things for yourself, like horrible relationships, crappy jobs & a general sense of malaise & apathy, think what you could create if you focused your attention in a different way! What if, instead of thinking about how bad everything is all the time, you thought about how WONDERFUL life is? Because even if you look around yourself & see things which make you unhappy, surely you must acknowledge that the world is full of marvellous things too. There’s love & music & art, delicious food & springy green grass, snowflakes & puppy kisses, hula hooping in the sunshine & exploring new cities. There are fresh vegetables & false eyelashes, majestic mountains & elephants, dreams & adrenaline, sky-diving & gardening…

“I can honestly say this is the best $12 you will ever spend. I’ve been seeing a psychologist for the past 6 months… What Gala has produced is that 6 months of therapy all wrapped up into an hour long podcast. Her advice about choosing how you react to situations is the most helpful life advice you may ever receive.” — K.

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Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #6: DAINTIER, SMARTER, BETTER DRESSED — A deluxe guide to looking truly fabulous, defining your personal style & being the best-dressed girl at any party!

Excerpt: Yes, it would be wonderful to look like a 5’10” gazelle in everything we wear, but the reality is, most of us are never going to look like that, regardless of how many pairs of shaping underwear we buy & no matter how few carbs we consume in a given day! You are never going to look perfect all the time, & the pursuit of perfection is such a yawnfest & time-sucker. It’s totally not worth it. There are so many other things you could do with your time & energy! So if you’re wearing a skirt that is maybe half an inch too short, but you feel GREAT in it, then that’s fantastic! Confidence comes from feeling good in your clothing, & if you do, you’ll have a much better time than the girl who looks immaculate but is freaked out in the corner…

“This months’ Love and Sequins was my favorite so far. It is clearly a subject that you feel very passionate about, and that really came across in the podcast… This podcast really inspired me, and even while I was listening to it, I had a pad of paper next to me and was jotting down outfit ideas and sketching possible combinations.” — V.

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Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #7: BLOGGING 101 — Living & loving online, monetisation in the new world & thinking beyond the 9-5!

Excerpt: I promise you, if you do not have purpose or determination, your blog will also go the way of so many before you. In fact, this is pretty much the same as anything in life. If you want it, you have to prove that you want it, time & time again. You will be tested! But if you can stay the course, after all the trials & tribulations, misfortunes & madness, you will be rewarded…

“One more thought: It’s not about blogging. It’s about ANY online business. I.E., pretty much any modern business at all. Blogging is just an example, and at that, really a very small part of it. I read it, thinking about what I was doing, nodding & going, “Yep, good advice, yep, can use that”. … Loved your comment about your core audience. Great advice about managing online rep. The list of ‘little things’ is frickin’ brilliant. High density, high value. All in all? Damn, that’s one high value podcast. Amazing stuff.” — S.

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Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #8: BEST FRIENDS FOREVER — Keeping your friendships fresh, finding platonic soul mates & clearing out the fakes, phonies & meanies!

Excerpt: Though you may have no intention of becoming like the people around you, if your mother is miserable & your girlfriend is homicidal & your best friend is a misogynist, you will unconsciously begin to mimic & imitate all these behaviours. Unless you want to be miserable, the best thing you can do is extricate yourself from these types of people…

“Gala, this came to me like a sign from the Universe! You have no idea how amazed I am…yesterday I wrote a letter to the Universe saying “If you throw me a rope, I will climb it.” And then you posted this, AND THEN this morning on the train while I was listening to it, I met an extraordinary girl who wants to do hair and make up and photography with me!” — M.

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Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #9: MANIFESTING & MAGIC-MAKING — Using imagination & reverie to create a perfect universe!

Excerpt: Some people get confused about manifesting & the law of attraction, & think it is about being positive & thinking woo-woo thoughts & waving a stick of incense around. It really isn’t! Manifesting is about getting the universe to meet you halfway. It’s about doing the work while having faith that things will work out for the best. It’s about knowing that what you want is coming to you — but also knowing that you have to start the ball rolling. After all, if you just sit in your room thinking about what you want, but don’t get out there & tell anyone about it, or do some research, or take any real actionable steps, how will anything ever happen?

“I think this is the best thing I’ve discovered since Notes from the Universe… It’s a really good outline of not just the ‘laws’ but how to actually put them into practice. Plus I haven’t been so motivated & inspired in a long time…” — R.

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Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #10: INTERNATIONAL PLAYGIRLS UNLIMITED — Taking to the skies, travelling in style, romance on foreign shores & more!

Excerpt: Is there anything better than packing a bag, making a puckered-up kiss face at yourself in the mirror & catching a cab to the airport? If you’re anything like me, the answer is a loud, resounding NO! To me, travel is one of the very best things you can do with your time. Its merits are multitudinous & bountiful.

Firstly, you get to escape your everyday existence, & while hopefully your everyday existence is a pretty happy & satisfying thing, being able to get away from it only amplifies your appreciation for it when you get back. Secondly, it fires up your creative impulses. In an unfamiliar situation, you’re forced to use your brain in new ways, which results in you being more inventive & experimental than ever. Thirdly, it’s an excellent way to get some perspective on your life — & remind yourself that there is a big, big world outside your little bubble!

“OH my gawd, Gala. Once again, you’ve read my mind and dribbled your confectionery love all over my life! I’m JUST about to take off for the biggest adventure of my life and I was thiiiis close to having a panic attack over all the travel details, cause I’ve NEVER even been on a plane before, and I’m gonna be hopping back and forth across the country like mad for the next few months. Now I’m starting to feel a LOT more prepared and not quite so terrified. Thank you! Again and always, you are a fantastical life-saver….” –N.

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Love & Sequins

Love & Sequins #11: IT’S UP TO YOU, NEW YORK, NEW YORK — Decadence & debauchery, enchantment & madness, love & cockroaches!

Excerpt: Jack Kerouac wrote On The Road in one of the rooms. Charles Bukowski, Edie Sedgwick, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen & Tom Waits have all spent time here. No other hotel has as much rock ‘n’ roll history. So, it’s not perfect — or particularly opulent. There is no room service, some of the rooms are more “grunge” than chic, & there is a bullet hole in the door in the 5th floor corridor. But it’s absolutely worth a visit to soak up some atmosphere.

You’ll understand why after just one night in the Chelsea’s eclectic digs. Sometimes it seems more like a home for the bewildered than a hotel, but it all adds to the charm. Be warned, however: this is not a place to stay if you’re feeling particularly Type A. It’s more suited to smoking cigarettes on the balcony, last night’s eyeliner & a trench coat worn with nothing but a pair of heels.

For the same price as a normal-sized room in most New York hotels, you can obtain a one-bedroom suite at the Chelsea — with a lot of ambiance. If you need a couple of days to yourself to work on some kind of masterpiece, this is surely the perfect place to do it.

“This L&S was AH. MAZ. ING. This seriously needs to be re-named to “The Holy Grail and Anti-Tourist’s Bible of New York”… I listened to this chapter on the Subway ride into work and then in my Brooklyn apartment with a cup of coffee… it truly made me excited to check out all these “new” places. I have fallen in love with New York all over again.” — E.

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The sale lasts until Christmas Day!

There are (literally) thousands of girls all over the world who listen to Love & Sequins on their way to work, read it on their phones in the subway, & print it out to read before bed. It is immensely humbling & wonderful to me, & the amount of gratitude & thanks I have is boundless!

Thanks so much for your support & love, & happy holidays!