Total Obsession: Custom Earrings By Jessie Williams

Earrings by Jessie Williams

When I was in Las Vegas for ENKWSA, I spent a lot of time in the Irregular Choice booth–as you may have gathered by the number of pairs of shoes I photographed there! There was this girl working the booth called Stella, & in addition to running up & giving me a hug (always my favourite way to be greeted!), she was wearing killer earrings. I started fawning over them & she told me about the creator.

As soon as I got back to NYC, I looked up the website & fell in love all over again. Designer Jessie Williams gives you endless customisation options so you can make all sorts of earrings, & I fell for them completely!

While almost every imaginable colour is available, I stuck to my usual colour palette of hot pinks, purples & sparkles (what? Sparkles are a colour to ME!), & ordered up a pair of wicked earrings. They arrived the day before I left for Paris… & this is what they look like.

Earrings by Jessie Williams

I ordered 2 of each variety, so the pair would match. I bought fuschia short clusters, lavender-&-black & candy pink long cluster flocks, multi clear short unicorn hair, & pink multi unicorn hair sparkle. I also ordered 1 inch rings.

I was so excited to open the package & receive a note, saying that Jessie loves my site, & that they had added in some extras (including glow-in-the-dark salmon pink strands)! Thanks, Edge Of Urge!

Earrings by Jessie Williams

If you ask me, it’s like having a party in your hair! They make me so happy! I have been wearing them gleefully all over Paris, & I think you need a pair, too!