Trends For 2007 and How To Avoid Looking Like A Fashion Victim

Trust me when I say I do a LOT of reading on fashion. I often open Google Reader in the morning & read hundreds (!) of articles before having my vitamins. I am devoted to you, see?

Anyway, of course with the dawn of a new year, there is a lot of babble about what’s going to be “in” this year. I wrote about this a while ago (see: The Definition Of Real Style [Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love iCiNG]), but the thing is, even if you loathe trends & fashion dictates in general, you’re still going to see this stuff in stores. It may even replace the things you’re used to buying, meaning you are forced to incorporate this “trendy stuff” into your wardrobe. I thought I would write a piece on things you’re likely to see, & how to work them in without looking tragic.

Please remember: the mark of a fashion victim is someone who wears more than, say, four trends at a time. Try to pace yourself. Also, trends are just that: trends. They will fade & go out of style in a heartbeat, so if you’re going to do it, make sure you wear that stuff to DEATH.

Futuristic sunglasses.
As I said in my article Choosing Sunglasses That Suit You, big round sunglasses are apparently on their way out. They are going to be replaced by futuristic-looking sunglasses of a similar size. Think shiny, mirrored, rimless & wide across the top — but if they don’t suit your face, don’t do it!

Bright accessories.
I’m ahead of the fashion wave since ALL my accessories are colourful! Most girls will be wearing yellow beads or carrying a bag in a primary colour, but we can do better than that! When I say bright, I mean BRIGHT! Try a neon collar around your neck, pink flowers in your hair, cobalt blue earmuffs, a scarf in blinding colours, sparkly stockings! Match the colour with something else in your ensemble & go nuts! & stock up so you can wear them all far into the future!

Small purses.
They say big bags are on their way out. A shame for those of us who actually LIKE to tote our lives around with us. Admittedly, they mean small purses for night-time, & that’s fair enough. You shouldn’t need too much at night, anyway. Go for something with a delicate strap that you can tuck inside the bag if you want to hold it.

Photo from HBO.

I am pleased. See how Carrie (one of my fashion idols) pairs it with a pleather dress to make the whole thing look more feminine? It’s such a great look. You don’t need to go as big as that, of course. I bought a few a while ago which have both a clip & a pin on the back, so they can be worn in your hair or on your shirt just as easily. They get a LOT of use. I like to match them with my eyeshadow.

Wide trousers.
Skinny-cut jeans are on their way out. The relief is palpable. They’re just so hard to wear. Wide-leg pants have been seen on Kate Moss, so, you know, you’ll be seeing a lot of them. Trousers cut like this can be changed from a casual look to a much more elegant one just by swapping your shoes. For a casual look, try them with ballet flats or sneakers. To dress it up, pair them with high-heeled boots or stilettos. Super-hot. If you don’t like how you look in pants, wide-cut legs are a blessing for most of us, but if you’re still uncomfortable, try wearing a fitted dress over the top — it will conveniently disguise your thighs & bum.

High shoes.
Wedges, platforms & super-high heels are about to become the norm. The higher the better. Another thing we’ll see more of is wedges with cut-outs in the heel (either to make it look more like a heel, or with a shape in the middle, like a heart). This doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or dressy. A lot of people are surprised to find out how comfortable a good pair of wedges can be. You could also try something like these polka-dot platform slides — super-comfortable & casual but still cute.

Every season, hemlines change. At the moment, they’re on their way up. Wear short dresses & skirts with textured stockings & big shoes to make your legs look like they go for miles.

I know, I know. I’ve been waiting for them to disappear too. They have been in style for at least two years! Wear under dresses for a more sporty take, & make them look less generic by pairing with leg-warmers & colourful sneakers. Also: just say no to gold lamé. I am yet to see anyone make it look good — though if you can, I’d love to see it!

Space-age fabrics.
If you’re into a more minimalist, futuristic look, things are about to turn very rosy for you. Incredible textures are about to come to the fore. Wear a few different materials in neutral hues for an amazing, tactile look. Then encourage people to touch you.

Personalised sneakers.
Sneakers = instant cool factor, & if they’re in your favourite colours or have your name inked on ’em, so much the better. The best thing is that it’s not too expensive to do. Some companies will even let you do it online.

Seen on Mary-Kate Olsen recently. You know they’re making a comeback. Shocking. Horrific. Abominable. Words cannot describe. I cannot think of a single way to make a scrunchie look acceptable. Best you skip this one. Leave it to the fashionistas… who I doubt will be able to pull it off, either.

Floaty white dresses.
Always in fashion, but, again, we’ll see more of them. Please, never wear black shoes with a floaty white dress. Sandals are your best bet (in gold, silver or other neutral tones). To make it a little more dynamic, put it with a colourful cardigan.

Extras For Experts:
As much as it pains me to say it, if Paris Hilton, Kate Moss or an Olsen twin are photographed wearing it, it will probably become cool within about a week. (I dislike lumping Mary-Kate Olsen in with Paris or Kate, since I MK & think Paris & Kate are vastly overrated. Oh well. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, or some other cliche.)