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Radical Self Love Bootcamp LivestreamLIVE! Wednesday 9th November3pm EST

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Hey bunny love! Stop by at this time next week for a FREE LIVESTREAM, coming direct to you from Radical Self Love Headquarters! I’ll be embedding it right here on the blog, so you can watch from wherever you are!

I’m going to be speaking about the holiday season, body image & loving ourselves: how these things intersect & ways we can ease up on ourselves during this trying time!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, & Christmas is nipping at our heels. The horror! It’s difficult enough to stay on track during the middle of summer, but when you add cold weather, cabin fever, eccentric relatives & tables piled high with chocolate, it can send even the most sane girl over the edge!

How can we love ourselves when our relatives insist on treating us like the children we once were? How can we feel good about our bodies when there are no healthy food options? How can we take a mental holiday from the insanity going on inside our own houses? I’m going to be sharing some tips & tricks, so you don’t end up purchasing a panicked one-way ticket to Djibouti in the middle of the night!

In order to make it as relevant to you as possible, I’d love to hear what you’re dealing with right now! If you have any comments, questions & ideas you’d like to share, did you know you can call the RADICAL SELF LOVE HOTLINE anytime?! It’s true!

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So, like… call me & let’s make this thing sing! Looking forward to next Wednesday!