Turning A House Into A Home

Turning a house into a home

Being away from all my trinkets has gotten me thinking about what it takes to turn a space into something you can inhabit with joy, settle into & feel comfortable.

The good news is that I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t take much to turn a house into a home. All it needs is a few small, colourful things that bring you joy. Here are some treasures I’ve found recently that make me smile.

(From top to bottom…)

A paper parasol in a bright colour makes a fantastic impromptu lamp-shade.

Major retailers deciding your favourite authors (Nabokov & Bukowski) are “cool” can be a little unsettling, but you should still take advantage of it. Once the trend passes, you’ll be glad you snapped up these posters!

I absolutely love the look of this cranberry, cardamom & clove soy teacup candle. Too cute!

Brokesy makes super-cool 2-cushion sets that tell a little story. I like these ones of a yeti chasing a lemming. Monsterlicious!

What could be better than drinking coffee out of a mug in your favourite Pantone colour?

A stylish tea-kettle is a necessity of every home.

Pretend you’re a superstar with this framed Andy Warhol print.

Next time you’re drinking scotch & writing postcards, why not drink out of something stylish like these colourful wobble glasses?

Make an effort to buy flowers. It will cheer you up on the dreariest day, I promise!

I am a sucker for sweet-looking tea tins. This ginger tea tin definitely fits the bill. Maybe you should keep some pretty Chinese gummy candy around for low blood sugar days, too.

Bird cages look good, even without anything in them. Though you could always stuff it with old love letters…

Light up your dinner table at dusk with these battery-powered lanterns.

I like this crown. I don’t know what I’d do with it though. Probably use it as a prop in my increasingly ridiculous self-portraits!