Vancouver, Calgary, London, Berlin, Amsterdam… What A Whirlwind!

Gosh, what an action-packed year it has been! Shauna, Kat, and I have taken so many flights, checked into so many apartments, set out so many goodie bags, and, of course, met so many lovely ladies! Are you ready for a massive update on our last six classes?! Here we go…


Oh, Vancouver! We were so charmed by your rainbow crosswalks, great juice, beauty services at Sugarbox, dinner with Danielle LaPorte, and the insanely good waffles at Café Medina. We taught a very sweet group at Soundhouse Studios, where we borrowed a pair of bongo drums for percussion breaks! Photos were taken by Diane and Mike.







Calgary was such a pleasant surprise. We went with absolutely no preconceived notions of what it might be like, and happily ended up staying in one of the coolest areas, near the Red Mile. It was a quick walk to Analog, Una (where we ate more than once), and Freak Lunchbox, the perfect after-dinner adventure! After a few days of stuffing ourselves silly with great food and going on exploratory walks, it was time to teach at The Commons, an awesome co-working space (complete with an adorable dog named Sherlock!). Again, it was a wonderful gaggle of happy sweethearts, all shot by Sarah Pukin.




We did our best to spoil ’em rotten with friendship bracelets from Abacus Row, a book called How To Take The Best Selfies by LA blogcadette Sarah Sloboda, awesome colour dipped pencils from Moxie Makery, adorably weird knitted cacti from Cacti You Can Cuddle, delicious organic cosmetics from San Francisco blogcadette Mariah of Aquacures, a pair of glittery ears from Crown & Glory, and finally, beautiful jewellery from Eclectic Eccentricity, Aroha Silhouettes and Wwillthebeast!


A month later, we hit the road again, this time to teach two classes in London. As always, the city welcomed us with open arms, and we had a damn good time. We stayed near our venue, Curtain Road Studios in Shoreditch, and spent way too much time in the Ace Hotel’s photobooth, eating many meals at Hoi Polloi, and doing our share of shopping.

The space was decked out with giant paper flowers, fans and banners supplied by Strange Case Collective. Charlotte Thomson, a live scribe, sat in the back of class, drawing what she learned, which was incredible! Holly Booth took photos of everyone gettin’ their learn on!










Thanks to Lara Elliott for making this fun video!


Don’t tell anyone, but Berlin was my favourite stop on the trip. We stayed in a beautiful apartment flooded with light right in Mitte, which is a fantastic area. We ate great food, saw so much street art it would make your eyes bulge, and were generally inspired and delighted by, well, everything. Of course, it was only on my last day there that I started feeling confident enough to actually speak German, and by then it was time to leave! (Oh well, just another reason to go back soon!) We taught at Agora Collective, an utterly unique co-working space, and the lovely Shell De Mar took photos.








Amsterdam was lovely. We took photos of canals, we ate mouthwatering Thai food, we gawked at the Sex Museum… Standard stuff! It was really nice to have a couple of days off there, and not do much of anything. We needed it! We taught at The Thinking Hut, a wonderful co-working space right next to a park. I also discovered one of my new favourite places: Bar Bukowski. Oh yes! Kerry Murray shot the excitement!








Le boob grab!

Dear LAWD, there are a lot of people who helped us make our European jaunt a radical success. We have to say an enormous thank you to Look Look Photo Booths for the London photo booth, Tigerlilly Quinn for the adorable wooden brooches and ever-useful washi tape, Brolly Bucket for the coloured umbrellas (always helpful in the U.K.!), Hello Harriet for the special Blogcademy-themed tattoo transfers, The London Dolls for fluttery false lashes, Jolly Good for the custom nail decals (of our FACES!), Reeta Krishna for the WordPress for Beginners books, Crown and Glory for sparkly ears, and Go Promotional for the epic custom branded Blogcademy mugs and pens, which we are all COMPLETELY obsessed with! (I am not ashamed to say that I stole some and brought them home.)

…But wait, that’s not all! Wraggamuffins provided delicious treats and snacks for our British babes, XOXO Stationery gave us sick Blogcadette notepads, Pepper Ink Vintage supplied sweet floral tattoo transfers, and The Bathory hooked us up with coma-inducing custom bath salts… I mean, sublime is not the word!

…AND! Thank you to Lovely Cuppa for the plans for world domination books, Mane Message for the no-snag hair ties, Veronica Dearly for her adorable notebooks, Cornelia Blom for creating our gorgeous photo backdrop in Amsterdam, and Sketch Inc for the ombre notebooks.

Want to join us and learn how to kick ass online? We have maaaayyyyybeeeee two seats left in NYC at the end of this month, and our next class in Washington D.C. at the start of October is our last American date of the year! Then we fly on to Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland in late November/early December. Our Aussie classes are just about at capacity, so scrape together those pennies, or email us about our payment plan!

Alternatively, you could check out Home School! Our videos are only $20 a pop, and cover all kinds of subjects, from building your audience to creating a media kit to writing an about page! We’re immensely proud of them, and they’re selling like little hot cakes! We’re so pleased to be able to bring Blogcademy right into your bedroom!

Big love,