(Very) Late Edition: Things I Love Thursday & A Bumper Carousel!

Things I Love ThursdayA big hat & my new favourite lipstick; lanterns in a paper doll shop (yes, this actually exists!); a bouquet of flowers in my office; super-bling earrings from Forever 21.

Hooray! It’s September, which is, of course, my favourite month!

Why?! It’s New York Fashion Week, then my birthday, & then I’m jetting off to New Orleans with one of my favourite people in the whole wide world! So exciting.

I think NYFW will be great. I’m going to see all my favourite designers — Betsey Johnson (YES!), Kate Spade, alice + olivia, Herve Leger, Milly & Nanette Lepore, as well as hosting an event at Swarovski for Fashion’s Night Out! If you’ll be in NYC, come out & get sparkled up with me! It will be fabulous!

September is already off to a tremendous start. On Saturday we drove upstate to Jordan’s gorgeous new house & spent the day in the backyard, barbecuing & nature-watching. No joke on the nature-watching, either: a real, live beaver walked right in front of us! It was incredible, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There are no beavers in New Zealand, you know! A couple of months ago, we watched this fantastic movie about beavers on Netflix (yes, this is our idea of a good time!), so it was pretty amazing to see one in real life!

I even have a new haircut — a raven black lob — to kick September off right! I am definitely going through a style evolution at the moment, which is really exciting & long overdue. After months of style malaise, I read a book that kicked my ass into gear… & everything’s changing! I’m going to write all about it soon, & I can’t wait to share my discoveries with you.

Things I Love ThursdayThis chihuahua cushion makes me smile!; Jordan’s magical gingerbread house upstate; mornings in Bushwick; there’s a Rabbit in my hat!

Things I Love Thursday

Kat Von D’s Backstage Bambi lip stain — SO MEGA Dolly licking my face when I’m trying to fall asleep! Watching old episodes of New Girl & laughing until I cry… “I’m gonna split you like a log!” The trees upstate are already starting to turn yellow… Going out for dinner with a gaggle of bloggers Late-night grocery shopping at Wholefoods Deep thoughts about cookies Art in Bushwick (always one of my favourite things about visiting) Roadtrip adventures with my man My weird new Batman sweater Majorly planning for fall/winter adventures in style Blogcademy anticipation! My friend is talking about getting ENGAGED & I am so excited for her! Looking forward to seeing Angel! Reorganising my office (a Virgo dream!) Planning my NYFW calendar Benoît Missolin leather bunny ears on top of a silver glitter skull Grey cloudy skies & cooler mornings — so looking forward to fall!

CarouselI love this carousel in DUMBO!

It’s time to hop on the Carousel!

This infographic on how to use Google search more effectively is great for anyone, actually.

I need a Roald Dahl coffee mug! He’s one of my favourite authors of all time, & I can never resist mentioning that we share a birthday! What was your favourite Roald Dahl book? Mine was definitely The Witches.

Nubby posted a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Rock N Roll Bride magazine!

I adore these photos from Paris…

So, Will.I.Am was the first person to broadcast music on Mars. How surreal is that?!

Kelly Framel of The Glamourai is one of my favourite bloggers. She never ceases to push the absolute limits of what blogging can be. Need an example? Have a look at her Summer’s End series. (See also parts two, three & four.) I’m so ready for The Great Gatsby now!

I feel like we’ve been told this a million times over, but a reminder is always useful: Do More, Apologize Less -– How Bitches Get Ahead in Business.

On a similar note, A Message to Women From a Man: You Are Not “Crazy”.

I really enjoyed Sarah’s list of 33 things learned in 33 years.

Lauren Moffatt is an incredible fashion designer, so it is no huge surprise that her house is similarly beautiful! Man, I love it so much! Perfection.

Jen Dziura gives no-nonsense advice. So, what can you do when Guys Just Want to Be Friends?

This is a brilliant defense of Sex & The City, constructed around the fact that Aaron Sorkin is a hypocrite…

I love how much Sarah Wilson is travelling, because it is bringing such a beautiful richness to her writing. You’ll love this one on finding your life aesthetic.

This is a tough read, but an important one: The Legitimate Children of Rape.

David Ogilvy is awesome! Here are some quotes of his that could revolutionise your blogging!

More Sarah: Live Out The Confusions.

This campaign — Don’t be that guy — is brilliant.

Want to DIY your own Rodarte lace collar?

This Flying Lotus mix has been on repeat in my office all week long.

Bri wore clothes underwater & I LOVE IT! So glorious.

Walk in the front door. I got this link from Lani, who needs to come back to NYC! (In the meantime, though, click through & follow her NZFW adventures!)

New Zealand! Whenever I see footage or photos of NZ, I get tears in my eyes. I am so proud to be a Kiwi! I love this campaign & I love New Zealand.

“Haka is used throughout New Zealand by many, not only Māori, to demonstrate their collective thoughts. There is a haka for each of the Services, as well as the Defence Force. Units with the NZ Army have their own haka. This video shows the soldiers of 2/1 RNZIR Battalion performing their Unit haka, powerfully acknowledging the lives and feats of their fallen comrades as they come onto the Unit’s parade ground. It is also an emotive farewell for they will leave via the waharoa (the carved entrance way) for the very last time.”


If you’re in America, I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday weekend… & if you’re elsewhere, well, I hope your Monday is fabulous!