Watch Mega Love Fest!


If you were unable to join us last night for Mega Love Fest — which I can barely resist typing as MEGA LOVE FEST because it was so much fun it deserves to be in all caps! — never fear! Here’s a recorded video of the session in all its glory.

It was so great! We talked about jealousy & how we can use it as a way of informing our lives, changing our stories, mental illness & labels, dealing with toxic friends & so much more!

Emily left such a nice comment on Facebook, saying,

Thank you SO MUCH for Mega Love Fest. You said so many things that resonated with me & are totally relevant to what I’m going through right now. I can’t wait to apply your advice & reap the benefits!

Yay! It was really fun, & of course watching everyone in the chat make friends & support one another is so beautiful. Major LOVIN’ to everyone who participated. We had two psychology majors in the chat — holler! — who were providing so much love & information. Thank you to everyone for being there!