Weekly Resolutions

Last week I ticked everything off my list — woo woo! Very exciting. So I feel like I’m in an excellent space to plot some new ambitions!

Answer my email the day I get it
This was one of my first ever Weekly Resolutions & it made a huge difference to my stress levels! I find it really hard to get any writing done when I have an inbox full of stuff, & aieeee! You should see it at the moment! Not pretty! I’ve been totally slacking on the email front. So after I clear out what I have left over from last week, I’m going to go back to falling asleep every night with an empty inbox. Ahh, bliss.

Organise my life to make the iTC happen
There are lots of little things that need to be done for the iTC. I need to go to the market & buy some fresh produce; buy a notebook to chart my progress; get rid of all the food in the house that doesn’t support my mission (half-eaten packets of Doritos, for example!); make rough notes on the different types of exercise I’m going to do; take a “before” photo & measurements, & ensure I make time to exercise every day.

Make it through the first week of the iTC!
My chosen methods of transformation are daily exercise & 100% raw food. At the moment I feel good about it & I’m totally amped, but just in case the thrill wears off, I have a contingency plan. I’ll use EFT, talk to the other iTC’ers (that’s you!), & remind myself that it’s only for a month (well, worst case scenario anyway)! I’m probably going to dive back into Give It To Me Raw. I’ll also use gratitude as fuel to propel me forward — I’ll think about how good I’m feeling & looking, & be thankful for my self-control & discipline, imperfect though it may be!

How about you?