Weekly Resolutions


Yay, weekly resolutions! A bit of structure for my (currently) incredibly random life! I’m so excited about this, haha, what a nerd! I don’t know what time this is going live for those of you in Australia & NZ, but it’s 7am here… so I’m sorry if your usual iCiNG schedule is a bit out of whack!

Drum up lots of fabulous content!
It has been a pretty crazy week, & I really haven’t made any time to sit down & do any writing. This becomes a problem when your website revolves around articles! So, this week I resolve to plot out lots of time where I can sit down & write. I always feel better when I have new content up & I know you guys appreciate it too, so that is my #1 priority for the week.

Announce ModCloth competition winner!
Yes, this is one of my major goals for the week. It sounds like a small thing, I know, but have you looked at the competition page recently?! My god! There are 522 entries, & we have to comb through every one to find the greatest, sparkliest, & most fabulous! Then, of course, Susan & I have sit down & discuss our winner. (If we were doing it in person, there would certainly be pie, strong coffee, & excessive gesticulation.) You get my drift. It is no small task. But I will do it, because I love you!

Relax & be present
New York is one of the craziest cities I’ve ever been in, & it’s really easy to let everything around you affect you & make you feel as if you need to do a million things right now, or else… Well, or else, who knows? But there is this general compulsion to rush & act like a lunatic when really, all of that stuff is a choice. So, instead of thinking about the twelve billion things I’d like to do in the next couple of days, I’m going to do my very best to take it slowly, appreciate the moment, & just enjoy what’s going on around me. I have time. There’s no rush.

I have some other little goals too. Like spending as much time with Simon as possible before he goes to London (I’m going to miss him so much!), connecting with lots of new people, opening up to experience & presenting myself well.

How about you guys? Are your goals personal, career-related, physical or spiritual? Do you want to step back into making your goals for the iTC come about? (There are still a few weeks to go, so it’s never too late!) Let us know in the comments!