Weekly Resolutions

Weekly Resolutions

Hello, hello, it’s Monday! Time to weigh in on your weekly resolutions! How did you do?

I guess I aced 3/5 of mine. I didn’t manage to plan any outfits or do any of my iCiNG admin stuff (boo!), but I did drink lots of water, eat properly & work on my podcast. So, yay!

So, what’s stopping me (& you) from ticking off the items on your list?

I think it’s really important for us to go easy on ourselves. It’s just a week — 7 days. You can get a lot done in that time, but if you put immense pressure on yourself (& your ‘to do’ list is pages long), it’s not going to go as well. It’s always better to do a few things really well than a whole lot of things half-heartedly!

I use my Moleskine to organise myself day to day, & every day I have at least five things that need to be done. The difference is that my weekly resolutions are something that span the whole week — it doesn’t matter what day I do them, & sometimes it’s something that needs attention every day (like eating lots of fresh vegetables or drinking litres of water). That’s why I find having my weekly resolutions written down on a card next to my computer is really helpful — I look at them whenever I have “down time” & it reminds me of where I’m heading.

So, in keeping with that, this week I’m keeping my resolutions simple.

Work on (& release) podcast!
I’ve been idly fiddling with it but I’m going to put some time aside & compile it for real! I am toying with a new format — something longer & a bit meatier! (Or fake-meatier, if you prefer…) Hopefully you guys will all love it & I’ll do one every week & it will another fabulously-hued feather in the iCiNG cap!

Lots of daily outfit photos!
I know that you guys like them & I haven’t been very forthcoming with my sartorial efforts! I’m going to try harder this week — haha! I have lots to do & lots of places to go this week so I will take lots of shots for you!

Polish boots
I am terrible with polishing my boots… My New Rocks really need it…

Write oodles of great content!
This goes without saying, really, but I want to step it up in a big way this week.

What do you want to get done this week?

Oh, & just like with Things I Love Thursday, I’ve whipped up some Weekly Resolution badges for you to use if you want to. You can see them here!