Weekly Resolutions

Happy Monday lovelies!

How did you do with last week’s resolutions? I went okay but got a bit sidelined when my parents arrived two days earlier than they were going to! They’ve been here since Friday, they leave on Tuesday, & it has been a bit of a whirlwind! (Even more of a whirlwind than usual, in fact!)

Weekly Resolutions

1. pomegranate seeds, 2. Bundles of Books…, 3. alex & alex, 4. Berries Smoothie

This week, I resolve to…

Try a new fruit!
Yarrrr! Thar be exciting fruits in me larder! (Ahem.) I have been working on my weird resistance to trying new food & I am feeling much better about things. Last night I actually ordered fruit for dessert — that NEVER happens! This week, I am going to eat a pomegranate. I have been told to wear an apron when I split it open. I am actually really looking forward to it. Haha. How exciting!

Finish a book
I am in the middle of about 10 books right now, & it is ridiculous. I want to do a big book review post soon, but of course, that means I need to make time to sit down & read! I am going to finish one book this week. (This is a very small goal but this week is going to be a biggie…)

Brainstorm 4 new outfits!
I have new shoes! EEEEE! Aren’t they pretty? I love them very much. However, they are very different to my usual style so I need to think about what I can wear them with. I want to come up four potential outfits that will go with it & look devilishly handsome. Brainpower in action!

Eat lots of lovely fresh produce
Having my parents here has been fabulous but it has also meant that we’ve been eating at restaurants a lot — & I’m starting to yearn for raw food! The plan is to eat lots of it this week. I’m also going to make little boxes of seed/nut/dark chocolate mix, so I can put one in my bag & not worry about snacking on the go! (It is easy to pick up a smoothie from a juice bar but you know what? Mine taste better than theirs.)

What do you want to tick off this week? Oh — & don’t forget to grab a badge!