Weekly Resolutions


Forgotten what last week’s resolutions were? Tut tut! Have a look!

I’ve love to know how many of you wrote yours down & saw them regularly. Did it help you?

This week my goal-setting tip is to phrase things in the positive. For example, instead of saying “Don’t eat rubbish”, you might like to say “Eat delicious, healthy food”. The problem with the first sentence is that it really just drives that “eat rubbish” part deeper into our subconscious, reinforcing it & making it a larger part of our reality. If you say what you actually want, rather than what you don’t want, you’ll find that you are much more successful in getting things done.

Now, without further ado, my resolutions!

Get back on top of my health
As great as it was to get out of Melbourne & see my parents & friends, it played hell on my general well-being — as evidenced by my jaunt to Burger Fuel with Alex, the enormous dairy-laden bowl of iced chocolate I ate with a spoon yesterday, & the pâté on crackers I scoffed while watching none other than Girls Of The Playboy Mansion. Oh, the shame! The good news, though, is that now I’m home & it’s much easier to look after myself here. I have a routine — I know where my vitamins are, I drink litres of water with ease, & I can make huge salads with the wide range of things we have in the kitchen. Good stuff. So this week, my aims are to re-hydrate myself, eat lots of fresh raw vegetables & fruit, & replenish myself.

Think of 3 things to edit, add & appreciate
I just ordered Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design from Amazon & as I was reading the book description, I found the author’s blog. The idea comes from their most recent update. Basically, you work out one thing you’d like to nix from your life, one new thing you’d like to add to your life, & something to be appreciative of. (I already do quite a lot of that with Things I Love Thursday — though secretly I do my own version of TILT every day! — but you can never do enough of this stuff!)

Re-work my goals
This might end up being a bit of a follow-on to the previous resolution, but hey. Them’s the breaks! I seriously feel as if I’ve been away from the iCiNG Bowl for months — it’s so weird to be back! — & I really feel like I need to redefine what I want to achieve this month, this year, next year, etc. I’m sensing a return to decadence, fabulousness & excess… but time will tell!

What are you going to make real this week?