Weekly Resolutions

Weekly Resolutions

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Hello darlings! Welcome to Monday, which of course means it’s time to set our intentions for the week! Here’s what we planned to do last week. I hope you were insanely successful!

Here’s what I want to do this week…

Start planning stuff for the iTC!
There’s a lot to do, because I not only have to plan things to make your challenge easier, I have to plan my own, too! Some of the things I have coming for you include podcasts, daily motivation emails & progress updates, as well as a place where you can all discuss how you’re going. (Still thinking about that bit. ) The amazing news is that in a little over a day, we’ve had 800 nonpareils sign up for the iTC mailing list! The mind boggles! This is going to be so, so, so good! I can’t wait for it to start!

Buy Simon’s birthday present
He’s a lucky boy… he turns 37 at the start of May & I’m buying him a Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph to mark the occasion. Exciting! We went watch shopping last Thursday & after a good trawl of the shops, we found The Watch. It is sexy. Hilariously, the difference between buying it online & buying it in-store is about $1200, & I’d prefer not to throw that kind of money away just because someone has to pay rent! Anyway, it all means I need to buy it sooner rather than later, to ensure it gets here on time. So, that’s one of my missions for the week!

Curb spending!
After I buy that watch (phew), I’m going to curb my spending riiight back. I have been buying stuff like it’s going out of style (& funnily enough, with the new green movement, it kind of is!), & well, it’s lame. I don’t need anything new, I’m just being lusty & materialistic. I am okay with being materialistic, but you reach a point where you realise that it’s just getting a bit out of hand. There are better things to put my money towards than stockings & dresses (I know, I know — shocking but true), like… plane tickets & apartment rental in exciting foreign cities! I just keep thinking, ‘The more money I spend on clothing the less I have to do anything else’, & it’s wigging me out. My purse needs some discipline, & I’m not afraid to use my whip!

How about you?

Remember to grab a badge, & good luck!

(Oh & by the way — it’s Blogger Appreciation Day — the perfect opportunity to send lots of electronic kisses to your favourite blogger! I guess my fourth unofficial weekly resolution is to write little love letters to the bloggers who make my day shine!)