Wellington iCiNG Afternoon Tea!

I’m coming to Wellington this month for my mother’s 60th birthday party (yay!) & I thought that while I was there, it’d be really super to meet those of you who read iCiNG!

I AM SO EXCITED! I would love to see as many of you as possible. Seriously, all of you! Come along! We can slurp cocktails & laugh & talk about all manner of ridiculous things. You might even make some new friends! :>

So! Sunday April the 22rd, from 2.30pm at the Matterhorn in Cuba Mall. Hopefully you’ll recognise me sitting there! Hee hee! I also think that Matterhorn is okay for anyone under 18 — can someone verify this for me? I just didn’t want anyone to miss out.

Okay, yay! Let me know if you’re coming!