What Are Your Style Trademarks?

I saw this question asked on the blackcigarette Livejournal community & thought it was really interesting.

I used to love the idea of having some piece of jewellery that I always wore — I really liked the idea of having a permanent identifier. Now I feel like it’s okay for my identity to be more fluid, to dress like an eccentric Parisian one day & to look like a Japanese raver the next.

There are a few things that I am usually wearing, however:

Beauty spot (thanks M.A.C.!)
Gala necklace (bought on Ebay for a pittance)
Pink or white hair (the bigger the better)
Scarves (either on my head or around my neck)
Any kind of shoes that make me taller

In the past I was obsessed with:

Lip piercings (I have had about five or six)
Key necklaces
Ripped stockings
Wearing far too many super-cheap bracelets

…As well as wearing flowers in my hair, shaving my hairline back in a very Edwardian fashion, & an insane passion for Maybelline’s “Cherry On” nailpolish (the perfect red). All in the last few years!

What are your style trademarks of the past & present?