What Do You Buy The Girl Who Has Everything?!

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves, especially when the holidays start to creep up on our calendars: really, what do you buy the girl who has everything?

This is a question that has always vexed me. As much as I love “stuff”, the truth is that most of us don’t need more of it. On the flip-side, I believe your home can never be too beautiful… & our friends can help make it that way!

You’ve probably guessed what I’m driving at. Art is the perfect gift!

I’ve teamed up with Art.com to bring you a Perfectly Eccentric gift guide, bursting at the seams with a selection of fabulously weird prints & photographs.

Magic tricks? Yes! Warhol? Of course! Pin-ups & Edward Gorey? It would be my pleasure!

You get the gist, darling!

Imagine your best friend tearing open a huge, framed print of a gazelle in a dress for Christmas! I mean, how fabulous, really.

Now obsessed with finding the perfect pieces,

This post was sponsored by my dear friends at Art.com, & I love ’em!