What Do You Want To Do Before 2008 Ends?

What do you want to achieve before the end of the year? You have 55 days to make something amazing happen!

American Darling

By the start of 2009, my gift to myself will be having my three-year visa for the United States sorted out. SO EXCITED!

New York is where I want to be. It’s my favourite place, & it fills me with immense amounts of delight. I love this city, & I feel good here. That is worth pursuing. I’m so happy about the idea of putting down some roots & getting really comfortable.

There are a lot of steps (& a fair bit of cash) involved in the process, but it’s time to make it happen — & it’s my primary goal for the rest of the year.

How about you? What do you want to start — or finish?

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Make a plan, & make it real!