What Do You Wish You Still Owned?

Trends change, bodies grow, people move on — & clothing gets left behind. What items of clothing do you wish you still had?

I can think of a whole lot of things. I used to have Doc Marten boots printed with union jacks, & blue platform Skechers! (It was the Spice Girls era, you know.) I had a drawer full of jeans in every colour under the rainbow (black, white, red, green, purple…). I had red t-bar shoes & pretty party dresses. I had a blue dress with a square neckline & a black lacy top layer which I ADORED & so, so regret getting rid of. I owned crazy black platform goth boots & my father’s old yellow Porsche t-shirt (which I wore so much it literally fell to pieces).

Tell us a story about your most beloved, long lost piece of clothing!