What Does Your Face Say? Chinese Face Reading Can Tell You Plenty!

What Does Your Face Say? Chinese Face Reading Can Tell You A Lot!

When I was in Portland, I met a kindred spirit: Shauna’s aunt Shannon, often known as “Auntie Nubs”. I’ve heard so much about her over the years, but didn’t get to meet her until I visited the fair state of Oregon. Immediately, we started talking about the things we were both obsessed with: astrology, crystals and energy among them!

One thing Shannon mentioned was Chinese face reading — something I had never even heard about. As we discussed it, I asked if getting cosmetic surgery could alter your fortune or destiny, and she said yes! Her teacher is fond of saying, “When you blow up your lips” (with collagen or fillers) “you blow up your life.”

Apparently, you can read the face just like you’d read the hand or someone’s energy. I was totally enthralled, and even moreso when she offered to do a full reading for me!

She wrote me a note, with her details, and the requirements:

For face reading I need your birthdate, and photos.
Minimal makeup or none at all
Hair pulled completely off face so I can see your hairline and forehead
Front view – smiling (a real smile!) and non-smiling
Profile view
Closeup of both ears

I roped Kat into taking some photos of me in Los Angeles, and sent them off.

A few days later, she replied with a massive text document. Here are some excerpts of what she told me about my face…

“The art of face reading is based in Chinese medicine. Two thousand years ago, doctors noticed that certain personality traits linked to certain facial features. From this came face reading, sometimes known as acupuncture for the soul, which helps you to align with your inner blueprint. We all come into the world with a unique inner design, yet soon after we’re born, we start receiving messages about who we should be. Thus begins our journey away from our true inner nature. Face reading is about coming home to yourself, and honoring the unique person you came into the world to be.

We were born with the features we have for a reason, and this work allows you to appreciate your individual design. Face reading can tell you about your strengths and challenges, and help you to navigate through the world. It is the story of your journey through life, and as you change inside, your face will change as well.

Gala, you have all the hallmarks of a highly sensitive person, someone who is always picking up on the energy around you. This happens whether you’re aware of it or not. You are also psychic, or bordering there. In addition, you’re empathic, and sense when something isn’t quite right with a person or a place. Whew! So I don’t know if you know this, but it’s all written in your face.

You have a very high level of awareness, and notice things that others don’t. You’ll notice typos, grammatical errors, and can be bothered if something is “off.” You are highly sensitive to subtle energy. You may not like it if someone comes into your home and starts touching your stuff. Your sensitivity is a great strength. You are good at reading people, and can adjust to other’s energy. However, you are so sensitive, you can go into overwhelm. Think of the Princess and the Pea: You can take things on and feel them physically.

I’m happy to see that you have relatively strong eyebrows. This shows healthy self esteem and confidence. It’s important to let your brows be their naturally strong selves. Women who over pluck can struggle with self esteem issues, and even end up in relationships where they are dominated by others.

You also have what are known as “queen’s eyebrows.” This shows your excellent taste and high principles. People can perceive you as cool and aloof, when in reality, you are feeling shy and anxious. Once again, it is just part of your inherent sensitive nature. As you relax and feel comfortable with someone, your natural warmth will bubble to the surface and allow your heart to open.

I daresay that you are a perfectionist, and maybe a bit controlling. You love to be pampered. You have a beautiful strong nose, and this shows your potential for personal power. People who mess with their noses mess with their power. Think of Michael Jackson. The nose also relates to the decade of the 40’s. Michael’s original nose showed a wonderful decade, but he whittled it down to nothing, and his life fell apart. He literally lost the tip of his nose, which relates to age 50, the age that he died. Isn’t that amazing?

I see in you a naturally positive outlook on life, and you have an extra dose of charm and magnetism. Communication is important. There is also a heart desire for intimate connection. Don’t suppress this. It is so important for you to make heart connections, while knowing you are vulnerable to being hurt. You need variety, change, and to surround yourself with things and people that you love. You want to have fun!

Gala, I love that you are in the process of developing purpose and joy lines. Joy lines are the lines that radiate out from the corners of your eyes when you smile. Think about the rays of the sun. These show that you are experiencing true joy in your life, and your heart is continuing to open as you go through life.

Purpose lines are the vertical lines that go from the nose to the corners of your mouth. They are also known as Fa Lin lines. These show that you are living in accordance with your life’s purpose. This does not mean career, but rather your own inner design. These are lines to be celebrated, and are wrinkles you are supposed to get. People who eliminate these lines can find that they’ve steered off course and start to flounder. I personally know someone that this happened to.

People want you as a friend. You have a lot of integrity, and are hard working and tenacious. It is important that you have regular doses of fun. You may need to retreat to your cave, especially when you’re upset. Under stress, you can become flustered and have a hard time making a decision. Your escape can be to fly out of town. You may achieve some level of fame, but you will always require private time. You can end up in the spotlight, and be “seen.” You can struggle with empathy and soaking in energy. Your destiny is to spread love.”

Extra for experts
If you’re as intrigued as I am, and you’d like to do a little bit of face reading on your own, this guide to eyes is great, as is this piece on what 8 features on your face tell about you. You can even read the moles on your body! Dr Oz has a brief overview on his site, too. The best part about these pages is that everything I read on them was super-accurate! Incredible.

The Wisdom Of Your Face by Jean Haner is an excellent book if you want to dive even deeper into this, and her blog is fascinating!

Who knew your face could say so much?! I’m completely enthralled by the whole thing. Thank you so much, Shannon, for introducing me to this amazing practice!

Always working on developing more joy lines,