What To Do: The First Weekend Of 2008

Lie around in your underwear & eat chocolate mousse! (When I was young, I used to own a book called A Book Of Milliganimals by Spike Milligan. Inside, it had a picture of a moose whose skin had a strawberry pattern — underneath, it said “Strawberry Mousse”. HEE!)

Do ballet in your living room — also best performed in underwear. (My ballet conditioning DVDs arrived yesterday!)

Create a collage of a wardrobe that you would kill for. (Try Polyvore, but using scissors, magazines & glue is fun too.)

Listen to Jurassic 5’s Feedback album.

Buy something lovely for your creative area, big or small. (I bought white & pink carnations & put them in a green bottle which says ‘Lucky’ in gold & has a laughing buddha carved into the front.)

Hunt out a watch which simultaneously complements your personal style & makes you feel like a Rockefeller!

I will be indulging in all of these things! Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! Start this weekend as you mean to go on for the rest of the year!