What Would Your Namesake Bag Look Like?

Earlier this week, Little Miss S left me this comment…

“Random question for you, just for fun: all these celebrities have handbags named after them (Birkin, etc.)… If someone were to make a Gala Darling bag, what would you want it to look like?”

Well, I always like black bags. I like them simple enough that they don’t take away from my outfit, but with enough interesting details that they don’t fade into the background. Zips! Buckles! Pyramid studs! Quilting! Strange fringing! Braided straps! All of those things appeal to me, though not necessarily all at once!

It would be the right size for a modern, travelling gal — long enough to fit my laptop & wide enough to fit my digital SLR camera — & it would have to be a shoulder-bag.

I would also want it — when closed — to have the zipper facing forwards. I dislike having the zipper tab behind me when I’m walking around, because I feel like I don’t know what’s going on behind me!

It would have an edgy, futuristic kind of vibe. & I would probably want it to be designed by Karl Lagerfeld, Pierre Hardy or Nicholas Ghesquière.

Now I pose the same question to you. What would your namesake bag look like? Who would design it? What colour would it be? Would it have a secret pocket for fortunes or five identical, lipstick-sized compartments? Would the lining be neon pink or plain canvas fabric that you could write love letters to yourself on? Let us know!