What’s In My Bag?

Otherwise known as, what am I taking on the plane to New Zealand?

Contents: silk scarf, sunglasses, cellphone (& New Zealand simcard), pill bottle (multivitamin & omega 3), video camera, eye-drops, little Burning Man token (given to me on my first day there), butterfly emery board (gift from my friend Sioux), rouge, rosebud salve, Flavigny pastilles, Lucky Strikes, pearl choker, hipster PDA, Moleskine, pen, Macbook, Meatcake comic, flyer from the Red Door Burlesque, envelope from the Australian Ballet Company (I Dee Dee!), keys, wallet, fortunes.

Meatcake is fantastic, as is its creator, Dame Darcy. The flyer is from the show I saw on Sunday — which was great & I thoroughly recommend it! The envelope is from when I went to see Don Quixote. & I have a Hello Kitty sticker on my card for the building.

Silk scarves are a very useful thing to have with you. They weigh nothing & have lots of uses. This one has a pearl-tipped pin stuck through it, which was holding my corsage on at the Melbourne iCiNG Brunch. Though it occurs to me that it could probably be used as a WEAPON on an aeroplane so I think I will have to remove it…

My wallet. Business cards, city library card, tram pass, Myer card, state library card, five bank cards (3 credit cards) & a Sanrio membership card! Also hidden: $$$, one of my passports, NYC subway pass & London underground pass, a thick stack of business cards & some SD cards for my camera.

If ever anyone needs a little fortune, I am the woman for you.

Wish me luck!