When It Comes To Hair, What’s Your Kink?

I was late to the curl game. It’s true. It took me way too long to discover how much I loved my hair with a wave, a kink or a full-on curl in it.

When I was growing up, my mother would often flick through a fashion magazine & stop dead on a page featuring a model with curly red hair. She’d point & sigh. “Isn’t that glorious?”, she’d ask. “What I wouldn’t give for curly red hair!”

She would run her fingers through my father’s salt & pepper curls & look wistful. Her hair was straight as a pin, & she would curl it religiously every morning. I never understood it. I had inherited her hair, linear & unswerving, & I loved it. Girls at school would complain about something called a “cow’s lick” — I had no idea what they were talking about. My hair just did what it was told. I couldn’t relate.

…So I’m not sure what it was that possessed me to have my hair curled on my wedding day. Who tries a new look on the morning of their wedding? THIS GIRL!

It’s been a year & a month since that fateful day. I didn’t just gain a husband… I also gained a complete love, respect for & slight obsession with curls!

A head full of curls, to me at least, feels wild & carefree. It’s bouncy & optimistic, & it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It brings a sense of warm & softness to my look, & sometimes I think it alleviates the harshness of my nose!

If you’ve never liked curls, I have to — gently — suggest that maybe you just haven’t found your curl icon yet. Mine is Bri. I love her mane! It’s perfect!

Even though I recently had my hair cut into a lob, I’m tempted to get my hands on a teeny-tiny curling iron, so I can curl & twist the ends whenever I feel the urge.

So, how do you feel about curls? I’ve teamed up with Paul Mitchell to get the lowdown on the twist! Do you love curls? Hate ’em? Wish you had ’em, but just can’t master the art? What do you think?

This post was sponsored by Paul Mitchell. Thank you!