Win A Hot Pink Form 6 From Jimmyjane For Valentine’s Day!

Do you like orgasms?

This is not a trick question!

If you answered yes — ha, if! — I have something very special for you in time for Valentine’s Day. Oh yes I do.

Form 6 from Jimmyjane

The delicious dreamboats at Jimmyjane have just released a hot pink edition of their famous, design award-winning Form 6 vibrating massager, & it’s soon to be on its way to one lucky nonpareil!

The Form 6 is rechargeable as well as waterproof & fully submersible to the depth of a metre, making it perfect for bath-time pleasure or orgasmic aqua-aerobics! Plus, who could say no to that fantastic colour?

Form 6 from Jimmyjane

Jimmyjane are one of the world’s première manufacturers of high-end sex accessories, melding ambrosial sensations with fabulous technology & beautiful design. Their cult following is epic, & it’s not hard to see why when you catch a glimpse of the amazing things they create.

Enough teasing! How do you make this little treasure your own?

Simply visit the Jimmyjane shop & imagine yourself choosing a present for someone. What would you buy, who would you select it for, & why?


I’d pick up a Wink silk & suede blindfold for Violet Blue, because I know she’d get great use out of it — from much-needed naps at SXSW to restraining a saucy vixen or using it as a prop in a self-portrait! As for the colour, no question: it would have to be black, in keeping with her punk & goth roots!

So go muss up your hair, put on a slick of lip gloss, & have a pout in the mirror while you think about your answer. The smartest, cutest, funniest entry will win! You have until Monday night to come up with something devastating!

Fingers crossed!