Win A Tutu For Valentine’s Day!


…Oh, did I mention that as part of RADICAL SELF-LOVE month I’m also going to be giving away a ton of rad prizes?! Hooray!

Last year, Lynne Bruning offered up a tutu for one very fortuitous nonpareil to don on Valentine’s Day. This year, we’re doing it again! Talk about the perfect way to kick off a romance with your magnificent self!

You could win this exact tutu! Worth $500, it’s truly fabulous & entirely handmade with pink tulle, yarn & piecing details. It’s size medium, which will fit both small & large alike, & it’s 20″ (or 50cm) long.

I maintain that EVERY girl should own at least one tutu — you never know when you’ll need it — & this one is deliciously decadent. Oh! Imagine the flouncing!

Lynne Bruning is a textiles enchantress (!) & very generous woman. As if that wasn’t enough, she also designed this, a haptic coat for the blind, aka a wearable cane which you can make yourself! Oh that is so cool. Warren Ellis thinks so too.

Okay, enough! What you really wanna know is…

How can you be in for the chance to win?

All you need to do is tell us when & where you’d wear it! To the supermarket, where you’d launch into an impromptu interpretation of Swan Lake? On a picnic with your twin sister? Or simply for a good bout of bed-jumping?

Be as creative & fantastical as you can! You can make a Polyvore set, make a video, write a poem about it, or just tell us, straight up! It’s totally your call. Just leave it in a comment below.

The contest is open to everyone — no geographical limits! Yes, even you all the way over in Yemen! It runs for a week & the winner will be chosen at random on the 9th of February. That way there’s adequate time for the tutu to float its way through the postal system & get to you by Valentine’s Day!

Best of luck, creampuff!