WIN! Love & Sequins!

Photo by Lydia Hudgens
Nail-bitingly good fun! Photo by Lydia Hudgens.It’s an oldie but a goodie!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

As a special treat (& not so subtle way of alerting you to the presence of my new Facebook page!), I’m giving away FIVE subscriptions to Love & Sequins!

What is Love & Sequins? It’s my handbook to being a love letter to the universe. It’s about living magically & celebrating ourselves & it’s delivered right to your inbox as delicious monthly installments! Each chapter is a mammoth, gargantuan 10,000 words (or more!) & is in PDF format. Not only that, you also get an MP3 of me reading it aloud to you! It’s brilliant for boring subway rides, listening to when you work out, or as a kind of modern bedtime story!

Each subscription is worth $84, & you’ll get all the past chapters as well as the three more which remain!

All you have to do is “like” my Facebook page!

The winners will be drawn at random this time next week! Please keep your eye on the Facebook page to see if yooooou are a lucky winner!

I’m so excited about having a Facebook page, as I have now hit the limit on friends with my personal profile. This is way better, since you can all meet & interact with one another, post cute things & keep up with my ridiculous goings-on! It’ll be like an international playgirl & nonpareil meeting point!

So, click on over & get silly with me! Good luck!

P.S. If you win & you already have a subscription, you are more than welcome to gift the subscription to your best friend, favourite aunt, little sister or, well, anyone you like! Mwah!