Winter Lust

In my opinion, winter is the most exciting time to be in the Northern hemisphere. Unfortunately, I left London on the 12th of October to begin my new life in Melbourne, Australia — which is, very distinctly, south of the equator. (It is regularly hitting 40 degrees celsius here — that’s 104 degrees fahrenheit to you.)

Fashion-wise, winter is absolutely the best season of the year. No contest. Especially if you live somewhere that actually gets really cold, or even better, somewhere that receives the odd dousing of snow. Coats! Boots! Gloves! Hats! Textured stockings! It’s a hedonistic dream… & Visa doesn’t regard it with complete disdain either.

To assuage my envy, here is my small tribute to the chilly weather some of you are experiencing… or are supposed to be experiencing. Isn’t global warming a blast?! I just can’t stop myself from embarking on digital window shopping trips. Here are some things I would be gleefully awaiting in the mail if I were where you are. They’re listed in order of obsession, where ten brings a smile to my face & one keeps me awake & sweating through the night.

Legwarmers from Hot Topic

10. Black & silver glitter star legwarmers from Hot Topic. Cute. Very, very cute, in fact. You could wear these with anything for instant greatness!

Scarf from Lulette

09. Custom message scarf from Ideally the one that says “Let Them Eat Cake” — the Marie Antoinette influence lives on!

Cashmere jumper from Topshop

08. Cashmere long jumper from Topshop. I love cashmere — so soft & if you take good care of it, it will last forever. It comes in silver only, but this is such an eminently wearable colour that it would get a lot of use. I’d wear it with black leggings & big boots or with cobalt blue anything.

Star print stockings from

07. A huge box of stockings from I especially like the star tights (pictured above), Jonathan Aston Broderie Anglais leggings, lace leggings, long Orkney angora leg-warmers & long cuffable scrunchable socks. Yum. Once upon a time, I only ever wore striped stockings. I have a drawer packed to the top with them in all colours… but I’m over that now. I want more variety.

Boots from Ashley Ardrey

06. Rebecca Sanver jamba boots from Ashley Ardrey. Wow, they are lovely & very “grown up” looking. I’m not sure I could pull them off, but maybe…

Miss Sixty coat

05. Rosalie coat from Miss Sixty. I love the shape of this & the cut at the back. The empire-waist is very flattering. It’s also on sale! & it has faux fur panels around the cuffs! Golly.

Hat from Gobbolino

04. A hat from Gobbolino. They come in a variety of colours, but I am especially fond of this one in striped fabric with white faux fur & braids in candy colours. So cute!

Circus umbrella

03. Circus umbrella from Oh. My. God. I have wanted this for a very long time. IT HAS A DANGLING CIRCUS MAN, okay? Please. I must own it. Yes, it is made for children but that just means it will only fit one person. I’m okay with that. I like being a solo voyager in the rain.

Rainbow Kidrobot hoodie

02. Rainbow hoodie from Kidrobot. It’s sold out at the moment but I maintain hope that they’ll bring it back. How could they not? It’s the best thing they’ve ever done (in my opinion).

Hello Kitty cashmere sweater

01. Hello Kitty cashmere sweater by Victoria Couture. Rarrr. I love this so much. The idea of cuddling up in a cashmere Hello Kitty sweater & drinking hot chocolate is almost too much to bear. I saw this in the Patricia Field store when I was there, but the price tag was obscene, so I didn’t buy it. Wish I had though, it would have been worth it.

Other things you might want in Winter:
A hip-flask. Mine is engraved with “Gala in the funeral parlour” but you might want something less grim. This one is, at least, honest. (Some googling shows that Urban Outfitters used to a pink heart-shaped glitter one… if you have one & want to sell it to me I will give you my first-born.)
A long (faux) fur coat. When you’ve bought it, I suggest sending it to these people: especially if you’re going to Burning Man. (Wow.)