Wishlist #001

I just went for a walk around the city & looked in lots of shops & planned out some more of my winter wardrobe. This is my current wishlist.

To grow out my hair & get it bleached. I am going to go back to platinum for a bit, while it grows. I am REALLY looking forward to having long pink hair though, I can’t even begin to tell you. I am going to will it to grow quickly.

This bag from Douglas & Hope. It is something like $180 but I am IN LOVE with it. Turquoise with silver spots, HELLO, yes please!

Mary jane wedges. Christian Louboutin (my imaginary lover) did them first, but they have been copied by Steve Madden. (I am not a big fan of their quality, it is usually pretty crappy, but I’m thinking about working out my size & then ordering them from America. They are about $180 AU but $30 US…)

Dolly dress from Forever 21. Okay, probably not this actual dress, since at at $22.80 (yes, really), I doubt the craftsmanship is too hot, but I really like the style. It only just fits into my cyber coquette thing, but it is the sort of dress I have wanted to own for a long time. (I may have been a Courtney Love fan at age 15, but it never really leaves you, unfortunately.) I suspect I could make it fit with everything else by pairing it with metallic-look stockings or leggings & crazy boots. Anyway, if it’s at Forever 21, I’m sure I will be able to find something similar in Australia.

A spending spree in Myer. Myer is a department store here & a cursory glance at their Wikipedia page tells me that they stock Manolo Blahnik shoes, as well as clothing from Valentino, Chloe & Viktor & Rolf. Gosh. A far cry from New Zealand, I tell you.

Laurie Foon dresses

A spending spree at Starfish (Wellington, NZ). They stock a lot of Laurie Foon, who is one of my favourite designers. Her winter 07 collection was inspired by the movie Grey Gardens, which I have been meaning to see for a long time. The things are beautiful. Among others, I would like the Little Edie dress & Bouvier blouse, the Fallen From Grace gown & the Mother’s Little Girl dress, all pictured above left to right. I love all of these dresses very much, & have sworn to wear more of them, since they make dressing so effortless.

A pair of extravagant gumboots for days when I feel like splashing. I hear Melbourne gets a lot of rain, which is great!

Adidas Supergirl pants in black.

Accessories! Floppy knit hats, long leather gloves. more head scarves, metallic-look stockings & leggings, legwarmers in a wild assortment of colours, a fantastic belt that sits on the waist, leather Chanel gloves & a huge slouchy bag.

Extra For Experts:
Christian Louboutin wedge mary janes for $399 US buy it now. Seriously. Try them on in a store, then buy them online for half the price. IF there was a Louboutin stockist in Melbourne, I would do it myself.