Witchcraft, Magic, And Losing My Faith: On The Priestess Podcast

Last summer, I stopped believing in magic. On a long, midnight road-trip, one of the most powerful witches I know told me that her marriage — a marriage I regarded as the perfect fairytale — was over. Their relationship had been filled with magic from the very start: they did rituals together, put love spells into the foundation of their home, and worshipped one another. I was gobsmacked. ‘If they put all this magic into their marriage,’ I thought, ‘And they’re getting divorced, maybe this is all bullshit.’

It kicked off the beginning of a very dark period of reckoning for me. There were long nights full of tears, lots of confusion, and a fear of being ostracised by my friends (who are, almost without exception, all magical people).

That’s just one of the things that Julie Parker and I discussed in this episode of the Priestess Podcast. Believe me, we go deep!

In this interview, we talk about…
Losing your faith, why that’s important, and how I found it again
 The truth about the witch archetype and how we can harness our own power
 How spiritual bypass is the sickness of the new age — and what we can do about it
 The link between radical self love and magic
 How witchcraft is about being in tune with yourself and getting clear on what you want
 The power of sisterhood, and how it can help us become the person we always wanted to be

I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation! Julie is fabulous, and if you want more priestess inspiration, click below to subscribe to her podcast.



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Love and magic,