Without Gratitude, You’ll Never Have Enough

Learning how to be thankful for what I have has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. It sounds simple, I know — almost too simple for it to possibly be effective. But gratitude is something that just keeps getting sweeter, something that enhances the beauty of everything else in your life.

In fact, relentless gratitude also helps us stop comparing ourselves to other people — something I know can be a major sticking point for a lot of us.

Counting your blessings can be so powerful that I made a video about it, because I want you to get on the gratitude train too! The video is embedded below, but here’s a direct link.



If you’re feeling bad about yourself, and can’t resist looking at others to see how you “measure up”, sometimes the instant impulse is to try to improve, get better, or change something. After all, it seems to be working for that other person! But actually, if you can turn inward and appreciate your own unique strengths and attributes, you’ll find that you compare yourself less and less, because you’re satisfied with who you are and what you bring to the party.

“Love is not enough; intelligence is not enough; powerful strength is not enough. You may put everything on one side of the scale, but if you are missing gratitude, you shall lose.” — Yogi Bhajan

My challenge for you: Say out loud five things you’re grateful for every morning upon waking. You can tell them to whoever is lying beside you, or you can just say them to yourself while you brush your teeth. It doesn’t matter — just as long as you think about it and do it! Try this for a week, and see how you feel…

Love and thankfulness,