Wonderland Sessions #6: Reset Your Whole Life

Welcome to that weird time in-between Christmas and the New Year! I hope you’re enjoying your holidays and finding new things to be happy about every single day. I know it can be a challenging time, but if you’re finding it difficult, I want to encourage you to keep the faith and remember that tomorrow is always a brand new day.

Yesterday I recorded our final Wonderland Session (sob!), dressed like a Christmas ornament (hello blue wig and sparkly silver top), and we talked about how to reset your whole life. I crowdsourced all the questions via Instagram, and as a result, we discussed what to do when you’re comparing yourself to others, how to find love (especially when it feels hopeless), what to do about mood swings when it comes to feeling good, and setting real, tangible new year’s resolutions.


As always, it was a lot of fun.

I also announced THE UNICORN CLEANSE (!!!) which kicks off on January 1st. The Unicorn Cleanse has a similar format to Radical Rituals: Abundance in that you’ll get an email from me every day, but the purpose of the Unicorn Cleanse is to get you feeling really good and super-powered so that you can use those feelings as your springboard to do incredible things. I’m so excited to get started. We’ve had so many people sign up already, and I can’t wait. Join us! It’s like a juice cleanse for your soul!

Oh, and if you didn’t place your order for the 2018 Radical Self-Love Almanac yet… Jump on that! It’s absolutely loaded with activities, worksheets, and ideas to make your year the best ever. You can watch me get really, really excited while unboxing it here!

Love and unicorns (obviously),