You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Inspire Others

We walk around so carefully, tip-toeing past issues, declining to give our opinion for fear of insulting some invisible angel of judgement. We allow our taste in fall in line with everyone else’s, shrinking down our ambitions so as not to offend anyone else. In short, we slowly murder ourselves on our quest for so-called perfection.

The truth is that you don’t have to be perfect to live a kick-ass life, and you certainly don’t have to be a saint to inspire others. Take a moment to think about it: the people who excite, thrill and inspire you most are probably not supermodels, but flawed weirdos who have made something fantastic out of their previously ordinary lives.

My personal heroes are not beauty queens or babes with a squeaky-clean record. My idols are women with great vision and an unconventional way of doing things. I admire the ones who go out on a limb, the queens who try new things, the geniuses who fall on their faces and get up to try it a different way.

Most of these people are not even aware of their “inspirational” status: they are too busy creating, making messes, brainstorming, trying to make their outer world match their inner one. They are living life out loud.

When we see someone else’s flaws and relate to them, we realise we can do more, be more, love more. We realise that our limitations are not limitations at all; we watch our excuses melt away.

Go out there. Get messy! Go and live your life EXTRAVAGANTLY. Just don’t be surprised if you end up inspiring a whole lot of people along the way.

Shine on,

Image by Chris Piascik.