Your Hair Always Looks Better The Morning After…

Morning after hair is the bestPhoto by David McNeil.

My hair is a major state of flux right now. After having long extensions for years, my hair is finally long enough that I don’t need them! As Shangela would say, HALLELU! I can actually put my hair up in a ponytail! (Fellow short-haired girls will understand my excitement about this!)

But you know me, I like to fiddle around, so I ordered some clip-in extensions. I actually ordered two sets in two different lengths: one set for when I want to rock my lob (which will be 90% of the time), and a longer set for when I want to do glamour.

As I placed the order, I was trying to justify the purchase to myself, & recalling my favourite hair moments… & I had a realisation.

I don’t like my hair best when I go & get a blow-out, or when I’ve just walked out of a salon. I appreciate being primped & preened, of course, but you know what? I like my hair best the morning after.

Yeah, morning after hair is my favourite. You know, when it’s still holding its curl but it has become less perfect. It’s a bit messy from sleeping on it, & your beehive is mostly still in place. It looks effortlessly chic & sexy. It’s the way we think our hair would somehow magically look all the time if we moved to Paris! RIGHT?

Morning after hair is the bestPhoto by David McNeil.

Let’s take ALL these photos as an example. These were taken the day after our insane, dusty, fabulous photoshoot in Las Vegas. Kat, Nubby & I are all rocking morning after hair, & might I say, we look superb. A little undone in the best way possible.

I have to admit that I’m very spoiled in the hair arena (not because I have luscious locks, because after a million years of peroxide, I certainly don’t!), because Paul Mitchell sends me products to run through my tresses & experiment with whenever I please.

I was, of course, delighted to discover that you can TOTALLY FAKE your morning after hair. Yeah, you can have morning after hair the day of! All it takes is a smattering of Ultimate Wave™, which gives you lovely beachy texture without the hassle of getting sand in your swimsuit.

How exquizz is that? Very exquizz INDEED.

Morning after hair is the bestPhoto by David McNeil.

You can snap up your own tube of Ultimate Wave™ by finding a salon! (& tell them I sent you, will ya?)

So, what’s your curl confession? Do you, like me, prefer your hair the day after? Or do you have some other fabulous hair secret? You can share it on the Truth About Curls Facebook app using the hashtag #curlconfession. How modern!

This post was sponsored by the well-tressed people at Paul Mitchell. Merci beaucoup!