Zig Zag Wanderers!

On the Brooklyn Bridge!

What a week! Kat has been in town & she has been distracting me (in the best way possible)! I’ve barely even been home!

Yesterday we got prettied up by Regan Rabanal (my favourite — & first ever! — make-up artist in NYC!), then met with Christina, Marielle & Alie from Made U Look Photography. From shooting on rooftops, to stumbling around the West Village, to ending up on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset, it was a perfect day. Christina, Marielle & Alie all had about 5 cameras around their necks at all times, shooting in a variety of formats & experimenting with lots of different film… It was so exciting & we can’t wait to see the final results!

On the subject of iPhone apps, by the way, I used 8mm to film a few clips yesterday & made them into a little video!

Hooray! Here’s to a glorious weekend…